Overview of Opera Mini 5

The Opera Mini 5 application is the newest version of the best web browser designed to work with any kind of phone. Similar to its older versions, this tool is a proxy browser that allows you to navigate all your favorite websites, as it can reformat the pages to a friendlier format accessible for mobile phones. Even though Opera Mini 5 is not able to provide the same quality display as desktops and laptops, this version of the browser is one-step ahead in the innovative technology responsible for clear and readable content for very small screens. Moreover, if the Opera Mini 5 is installed on java-compatible smartphones, the quality and clarity of the image will improve by a great deal.


Opera Mini 5 is the latest application released by Opera Software ASA, an independent development company with over 700 employees that share the belief that easy access to the World Wide Web is in fact a universal right. Opera Software ASA was formed in 1994 and nowadays it is one of the top competitors in designing software applications for platforms supports, such as smartphones, MACs, PC, Linux, PDAs, game consoles and so on. Due to the company’s beliefs and dedication, today everyone can enjoy having a fast and reliable browser on their mobile phones, as the Opera Mini browsers are the leading mobile web navigation application worldwide.


Even the most meticulous smartphone user will appreciate the well-designed interface of the Opera Mini 5. Depending on the type of BlackBerry that you have, you can easily browse the web efficiently on your keypads or on the touchscreen. In addition, you can customize the Opera Mini 5 according to your own needs and make smooth transitions between portrait and landscape displays. In case you are having trouble reading the content of a page, you also have the option to make the font size bigger or the content readable by using the zoom touchscreen feature of the BlackBerry. With Opera Mini 5, you can be sure that you are going to have full websites displayed on your smartphone just as fast and reliable as a desktop computer.

A quick look at the main features of Opera Mini 5

  • Multitask with tabs
  • Pinch-to-zoom on touch-screen BlackBerry
  • Enter web addresses in a flash
  • Virtual keyboard that allows the user to type without losing focus
  • Font editing
  • Full-Screen mode
  • Bookmarking
  • Speed Dials
  • Download Manager
  • Save page feature
  • History feature
  • Share options for social networking sites

Pros of Opera Mini 5

The latest version of the Opera Mini has made the web access from smartphones a lot more accessible. The technology used in the Opera Mini 5 application will load the web pages faster than any other mobile phone browser. In addition, thanks to shortcut keys, touch-screen controls and the auto-complete address bar, now you can save time and effort when you want to navigate to your favorite websites via the BlackBerry. Moreover, the Opera Mini 5 application has been customized to use on a tenth of the bandwidth normal browser use, as it can compress and reformat the pages you access. As a consequence, you will also be able to put some cash aside or make the best out of the free wireless data plans.


Some BlackBerry users claim that the Opera Mini 5 application is giving them a hard time. The most common problem associated with this application is that some BlackBerry models do not recognize the trackpad as the “enter” key button. Therefore, in order to access it, you will need to use the real enter first to register it. On the other hand, you should keep in mind that the Opera Mini 5 is still being tested and at this point users only have access to a beta version that unfortunately has not been optimized for all BlackBerry models.

In a nutshell

Opera Mini is one of the most popular web browsers and it is currently the first choice for over 3000 smartphones. Even though Opera Mini 5 has not been fully tested and optimized for all types of BlackBerry phones, you can rest assured that the alpha version will offer an elegant, simple, clear and enhanced web navigation experience. For now, this beta version of the Opera Mini 5 application has a couple of strong competitors as BlackBerry browsers. However, you should keep in mind that even in testing mode, the application did not present a lot of errors as it is compatible with almost all the models so things can only get better from this point onwards.

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