The Donut of Misery, Our first Apple App!

Looking for a way to count down your time on a deployment? What about counting down the days until your husband or wife return from an overseas TDY? How about counting down to an anniversary? What about counting down to the day you retire?! The Donut of Misery is exactly that fun useful APP! The Donut of Misery can give a daily, weekly, or even a monthly reminder of an event you want to track! The Donut of Misery is a great APP for the kids to help track the day when your military family member is on their way home!

The Donut of Misery is AppManimal’s first Apple application and we’re excited to share it with the world!! We are SO excited about the Donut of Misery that we are going to give away ten free copies to help get the word out!! Yes!, there is a catch, you’ve got tell your friends, make a comment as to how you plan on using the Donut of Misery, and join our facebook fan page! The first ten to respond will get the Donut Of Misery for FREE!!

To read more about our first Apple App check out our app on the iTunes store by simple clicking on the icon above!

Thank you for the support!

AppManimal Team


A New Beast in The App Jungle


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