Blackberry wireless headset HS-500Overview of the Blackberry wireless headset HS-500

This nifty gadget makes using the BlackBerry easier for people who are on the move and prefer a wireless headset. Non-intrusive ear placement designed in a subtle black /gray means that it allows you to make and take calls quickly and easily. In order to use this headset effectively, it is necessary to connect it with your BlackBerry in a process called pairing. Information about pairing comes with the device but basically to pair; you will need to press and hold the Call Control key until the LED flashes blue and red. When this happens, on your BlackBerry click on Manage Connections > Set Up Bluetooth > Search and when prompted, click on BlackBerry HS-500. The system will request a passkey which is 0000 and then press Enter. When confirming the pairing, you will be prompted to list the headset as part of the Trusted Devices list and this should be done in order to avoid re-pairing every time you put the headset on. Easy to use and functional, this headset has been tagged as RIM’s best one so far.


Created by Research In Motion, popularly known as RIM, this Bluetooth headset is geared to enhancing connectivity between the BlackBerry devices and the headset. The Canadian developer of this accessory has already gained a long established reputation for its BlackBerry devices and the purchase of connected accessories from the same supplier makes perfect sense.

A quick look at the Blackberry wireless headset HS-500

main features

  • Works with third party apps that provide GPS mapping
  • Automatic volume control
  • Noise cancellation feature to ensure clarity
  • Compliant with hands-free laws in most countries
  • Multifunctional control button that allow you to answer and terminate calls seamlessly

Pros the Blackberry wireless headset HS-500

The key advantage of any hands-free device is the freedom that it provides. Some of these devices, however, tend to be bulky and cumbersome to use. The BlackBerry Wireless Headset HS-500 stands out from the competition as it is sleek and provides easy usage that allows you to answer and terminate calls, activate voice dialing and even mute calls quickly. One of its key features is its noise cancellation feature. What this basically means is that the volume of the call (for both parties) will adjust to the background noise and either increase or decrease accordingly based on what is the accepted call volume. This ensures that users will enjoy high quality sound and there will be little or no interference in the course of your conversation even though you may be moving through a variety of sound varied areas. Useable with a multitude of BlackBerry devices, these headsets are affordable and have high functionality. Ultimately, there is nothing like no static when taking calls. The objective is to have crisp and clear audio that is faultless. For the non-BlackBerry user, the HS-500 also caters to the iPhone and provides the same pluses.


For people who are used to taking control of the volume in their lives, this headset takes a little getting used to, simply because there are no volume controls. This may also interfere with user comfort where the headset is used to listen to music as clearly there will need to be some degree of control when it comes to the music you want. The other issue for new users of headsets is that RIM has worked on a one-size-fits-all model which may not be practical and in itself is a learning curve to get past.


With an established reputation in the creation of state-of-the-art smartphones that people can’t seem to put down, RIM also has an excellent reputation in the creation and design of smartphone accessories and gadgets including the Bluetooth headset. With RIM’s aggressive move beyond the ranks of enterprise smartphones to a larger and more versatile consumer market, the customer base has grown by leaps and bounds. For loyal BlackBerry users, the HS-500 is a must-have to be paired with their well-worn and trusty BlackBerry.

In a nutshell

In addition to all the standard features one would expect from a hands-free headset, the HS-500 also allows you to stream music stored on your phone through the system. For those on the road, the icing on the cake must be the fact that this accessory can also route GPS directions from compatible navigation apps through the headset. With two simple buttons to use, you can be confident of reaching the point where there is no need to even look at the gadget to reach for the correct function button. For first time headset users, the device will probably take a little time for you to love your new Blackberry wireless headset HS-500!

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