EvernoteOverview of Evernote

Basically, Evernote is a popular iPhone, iPod and iPad app that simply lets its users take notes. Evernote sounds very basic but the features are amazing and this app takes the notion of note taking to a whole new dimension. With the ability to take notes in text, image or web clipping formats amongst others, it is possible to tag and track all those daily reminders that we make for ourselves. Evernote can be used on a variety of mobile devices and on any web browser on your computer. There is a free version available for the initial download, and if you are happy with this product, then you can opt to pay for the upgrade. Evernote was originally launched on the same day that Apple launched its App Store and this app has seen an evolution over the last two years with more features being added, with it becoming more accessible for the iPhone and iPod and of course, for the modification in interface for the iPad.


A privately held company, the developer Evernote has its headquarters in Mountain View, California. It is not an individual developer but in fact a large technology company that works with the likes of Sequoia Capital, DOCOMO Capital and a series of other technology-driven giants. In order to enhance its products features, it also works with Canon and Samsung and a host of other companies that allow it to add features to its different product offerings.


This app has a beautifully streamlined interface for the iPhone and iPod although the iPad version is more simplistic. It is possible to add images, sound and even record audio for this app and best of all, it is easy to search for the relevant note that you need when you need it. This is because it is possible to label the different notes using date, name, title and a variety of other options. There is also the ability to export your notes once you have synced this app with your desktop and this is probably one of its key features – portability. The iPhone version opens to a New Note screen and with a simple tap you can choose to create a note that is text, image or voice based.Evernote-interface

A quick look at Evernote’s main features

  • An easy to use interface that allows quick and simple streamlining of all notes regardless of form
  • The latest version is upgraded to cater to the upcoming iOS 4.2
  • Allows for photos to be inserted into the notes directly from the Camera on the iPhone
  • It is possible to take 90 minute audio notes
  • Allows for notes to be sent to other applications and this can be done by sending the note as an attachment
  • A printing feature is available provided that AirPrint has been installed and your printer supports this

Pros about Evernote

For people who love to take notes but have these scattered all over the place in a variety of forms, this app is ideal. Once you become familiar with all its features – and there are many – you will find that everything can be stored in the form of a note; whether it is audio, photos or even the traditional text note. Best of all, everything can be tracked, meaning that it is just a question of how you label the individual note for ease of reference. While the interface appears cluttered, you will realize that the features are all available at one glance and you can then choose which particular type of note or specific notes that you are after. When creating notes, it is easy to choose which format you want to do this in as well.


If you have an expectation to live off this app, then this can be true but in a limited sense. The AirPrint feature for example is appealing but the fact is that in order to ‘AirPrint’, you will need to have a printer that has the capability of being configured for this purpose. An odd feature restriction is that the iPhone version of this app has video restrictions imposed. This basically means that you are limited to photos and audio or other forms of note taking which is still pretty great by the best of standards.

In a nutshell

Rated as one of the must-have apps for iPhone users, this comes very highly recommended and the best thing is, that you will be able to download the free version and have a go before making a decision to upgrade. Another interesting thing is that unlike some app developers, Evernote makes an effort to constantly upgrade its features and improve the user interface, which simply means that if you choose to make this investment, you can do it with the confidence that bigger and better features are just around the corner.

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