Astro File ManagerOverview of The Astro File Manager

If you are looking for an application that can unlock the true potential of your Android OS, then you should consider the Astro File Manager. While the Android operating system already provides a great deal of flexibility, this application can allow you to take the niche of file and folder management to the next level. With the Astro File Manager, you will always have back-up copies of your important files, thus you will never lose any important data. Furthermore, this file manager simplifies the process of working with compressed files such as zip or tar as this task can be quite a handful for similar applications. In general, Astro provides all the features you could possibly expect from an Android file management system and a great deal more. If you consider the comprehensive and ingenious interface and the fact that the application is free, then you do not need to think twice about downloading it.


The Astro File Manager application has been created by Metago Inc., a company founded by developers who have been in this line of business for over thirty-five years. Astro is the first application designed by Metago for the Android operating system and it has constantly been updated and improved since 2008. Moreover, Astro File Manager has won several awards and it has been deemed as the best application for Android OS by the CNET editors. Metago has contracts with a large number of application stores as the demand for the Astro File Manager is constantly rising.

Interface of the Astro File Manager

The interface of the Astro File Manager is quite intuitive and simple to use, thus increasing the flexibility of your Android phone. There are three ways in which you can navigate through the folders stored on your phone: you can either choose the folder navigation system, the history or the bookmarks. The folder navigation allows you to see all the directories up to the root. The history navigation will remember your most used folders and prioritize them. At the same time, you can simply bookmark certain directories in order to simplify your access to them.

Astro file manager interface

A quick look at Astro File Manager main features

  • Editing the files and folders on your Android
  • Copying, moving, renaming and deleting files
  • Creating new directories and customizing the view modes and features of the directories
  • Bookmark you important folders in order to prioritize them
  • Work with archives such as zip or tar
  • Viewing HTML files, even when they are compressed
  • Advanced search features based on the name, size, specified location and date when the file was last modified
  • Creating back-up copies for applications that are not specifically protected against it


Astro File Manager allows you to work with the files on your Android phone easier and faster than any other application of this type. It has never been easier to edit compressed files, view HTML files or sort out your directory system in such a short time. Furthermore, Astro enables you to stop any application that has gone haywire dead in its tracks. While some applications will crash if they are running when you receive a phone call, this is not the case of Astro, as its ingenious coding allows multitasking. Although this file manager contains all the options you will ever need, you can contact the designers at Metago Inc. and ask whether they can implement a new feature for your specific purpose. So far, there have been many user-requested features added to the Astro File Manager.


It may happen that you will not be allowed to create back-up copies of certain applications with the Astro File Manager due to the protection system. If an application is protected against back-ups, then there is not much you can do about it regardless of the file manager you use.  At the same time, Astro has a problem operating with files with a .nomedia extension and the folders containing these files. This is due to a general fault of the Media Scanner of the Android operating system. Additionally, it may happen that Astro will see your memory card as being write-protected, thus will not allow you to edit the files on it. However, this can be easily fixed by rebooting your phone and re-inserting the memory card.

In a nutshell

While the Astro File Manager is definitely larger than other similar applications in memory usage, the features and high-resolution interface are worth the extra space. In addition, this file manager will allow you to simplify your access to all your files and directories on the Android phone. In conclusion, Astro is clearly the best file manager available for your Android phone and the icing on the cake has got to be the fact that Astro File Manager is a free app.

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