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Built with the objective of providing Symbian device users with easy connectivity to mobile IM applications, Agile Messenger is a feature-rich app that provides users with a simple but effective interface for mobile chatting. Through the use of Agile Messenger, it is possible to send text, photos, video and voice messages instantly to your chat list on a number of IM platforms including MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, GoogleTalk and AIM, to name a few. One of the latest features of this app is Push to Talk that allows users to send voice messages directly between mobile devices or even between mobile devices and computers. In the longer term, this will probably mean a reduction in mobile phone bills and will create even more competition between the telecommunication organizations within each country. Agile Messenger a multi-protocol instant messaging service was awarded first place at the HTC Developers’ Competition in Vietnam and has since been evolving with the addition of new features and new IM platforms.


Created by which is based in Bangkok, Thailand, Agile Messenger is one of many produced by the company for instant messaging on mobile devices. The core strengths of the company include the ability to focus on and develop apps and software for emerging markets that are focused on the user. Other products by this company include Agile LCS and Agile MPS both serving other platforms for instant messaging. Agile Messenger is the company’s flagship product and is currently available worldwide.


The interface is multifunctional and easy to use even for the technology newbie. It allows easy access to instant messaging services that allow you to be connected directly to people on your list. This is regardless of location and you will no longer be desk bound in order to chat. In addition, there is a Push To Talk feature that allows you to use basically walkie-talkie services through your phone and voice messages will be sent out instantly. This can and will have a huge impact in the way we communicate as more and more people sign up for this service due to this key feature. Even pictures and videos are easy to share using this platform for access to the IM providers.

Agile Messenger screen

A quick look at Agile Messenger’s main features

  • The ability to send and receive instant messages in the form of text, images, video and audio
  • The provision of split screen interface for messaging thereby allowing you to use different messaging platforms simultaneously
  • Separate and easy to navigate tabs for each conversation
  • Automatic storage of all chat history
  • Emoticon support
  • Contact status information onscreen and adjustable
  • Ability to update contact list automatically or manually
  • Picture messaging with camera support, depending on the phone

The pros of Agile Messenger

If you live off messaging services and are perpetually plugged into one of the IM platforms, then perhaps this is ideal for you. It allows an easy interface access to all things chat and allows for connectivity wherever you are. On the plus is the also the fact that this will impact positively on your phone bills and allow you to manage your financials very comfortably. With chat or messaging platforms like Agile Messenger, what is important is connectivity as well as the types of messages that can be sent. The versatility of Agile Messenger allows for basically all aspects of messaging although this has to be weighted against the view-ability of the messages, of course.


While much has been said about connectivity, depending on the mobile device that you use, this could be an issue with constant signing in and out taking place while in the middle of a chat. There may also be issues in using it with GPRS and it may be better through a local-dialup account in some instances. One of the steps that can be taken to try and resolve this issue is to go to the Opera Settings of the phone and add your IP address and Proxy Port Number so that the GPRs can identify you and the problem should be resolved.

In a nutshell

While traditionally messaging was something that could only be done from the desk at home or at work, apps like Agile Messenger have opened up a whole new world of possibilities. What makes Agile Messenger appealing as well is the fact that there are literally no limits on the IM platforms that can be used easily and without fuss. I give Agile Messenger a thumbs up!

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