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The Trip Journal is an application available for Facebook, Symbian, Android and iPhone that allows you to record real time data about your trips. This application lets you manage the information of your current and past trips, keep track of your established itinerary via Open Maps or Google Maps and create media albums with photos, videos, comments and blog entries. Moreover, you can immediately update your pictures and movies and share the excitement and fun of your vacation with your friends and family. Trip Journal is more advanced than a GPS tracking system, as it points out the distance and exact location of tourist attractions.


The Trip Journal application has been developed by iQapps, which is a division of the iQuest Group formed in 2009. iQuest is a top software solution provider company with 11 years experience in the international market and over 270 employees. Even though their headquarters is in Frankfurt Main, Germany, you can find their development centers in Cluj-Napoca (RO) and Brasov (RO) and consultancy branches in Gothenburg, Bucharest, Paris and Budapest. They are currently outsourcing their expertise to companies such as Vodafone, Lloyd’s of London, Hewlett-Packard and Virgin Atlantic Airlines.

The Interface for Trip Journal

The interface is user-friendly and intuitive, since each entry is saved as a Trip view that you can access any time. Whenever you are taking a trip, you will need to simply press the New Trip button, name your trip and establish the starting waypoints. Once you set up these details, you will have access to five new buttons in the lower part of the iPhone that allow you to take pictures, film, make a note, tag locations that you want to visit and view the statistics of your vacation. In addition, you will also have access to your favorite social networking website, thus you can upload pictures, videos and comments throughout the trip.

Trip journal screenshot

A quick look at Trip Journal’s main features

  • Route and itinerary tracking (full screen or in the background)
  • Export, rename, delete and close trip
  • Take photos and videos manually or from the camera roll
  • Export videos, photos and comments to Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Picasa
  • Google Earth Export
  • Tweet shared trips
  • Gpx export
  • Add and rename new waypoint automatically or manually
  • Lock screen
  • Trip statistics
  • Display waypoints on Open Maps and Google Maps
  • Display route on Open Maps and Google Maps
  • Display photos/videos on Open Maps and Google Maps
  • Manage notes
  • Contact List Integration


Pros of Trip Journal

Trip Journal is especially useful for people that love travelling and want a method to record all their memories of the places they visited. What is great about it is that it allows you to access Google Maps and Open Maps and create your own itinerary. In case you change your mind, you can easily modify the information of the route you previously settled. At the same time, it displays the maps and other information in neutral colors that are pleasant to the eye and that can be used for extensive periods. The menu is intuitive and it allows the user to navigate easily between the various features that this application presents. All the advantages that Trip Journal provides for travelling enthusiasts have earned this application a number 1 award from Google in 2010 as the most advanced method of keeping track and sharing your vacation experiences with your family and friends.


Even though you have endless possibilities to document every step of your trips throughout the world, you will also need to have an internet connection. If you do not have an internet connection, you will not be able to connect to Google Maps or Open Maps to set up a new trip entry and you will not be able to upload photos and videos of your trip.

In a nutshell

Trip Journal application can be considered as one of the most advanced methods of collecting vacation memories. By combining the GPS features and the multiple recording and tracking features, the Trip Journal application is the advanced version of the scrapbook journal that you can use to share the excitement and fun of your holiday. Even though it is mainly used for documenting vacations, due to the intricate and well-designed recording and tracking systems, you should know that you can find useful utilities for the application when you are not on a trip as well. At only 99 cents, you will get a reliable application that will ensure you did not miss out the main tourist attractions and activities of the places you are visiting. Trip Journal is definitely worth looking at.

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