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Apparently, the greatest enemy of a fruit is a ninja! This is the exact conclusion you will reach after playing Fruit Ninja, a very fun and interesting game for the iPhone. It is a very straightforward and simple minded game but in spite of this, you should be happy to know that the keyword here is entertainment. There are no tedious instructions or unnecessary game play here; just pure, wicked fun. Slashing fruit with your blades is all that it is required. And trust me when I say it’s all you will need! Fruit Ninja is the dream of every casual gamer out there. Let’s have a closer look at this wonderful little game and find out what exactly makes it so good. Let’s kick it off!


Fruit Ninja is an iPhone game developed by the team behind the HalfBrick Studios. HalfBrick Studios was founded in 2001 and it is an Australian game based company. They developed licensed titles for many platforms such as GBA, DS and PSP until Fruit Ninja brought them a huge success and recognition. Nowadays, they are one of the most well known indie developers in the world. They have proven that if you got the talent, nothing is impossible. Their goal was to create a game that offers gamers a fun gaming experience and they totally succeeded. Whether you are a gamer or not, endless hours of fun will be coming your way – all thanks to Fruit Ninja. Other games developed by HalfBrick Studios include: Monster Dash, Raskulls, Age of Zombies, Blast Off, Aero Racer and Echoes. One thing is certain: HalfBrick Studios are here to stay and let’s hope we’ll see more interesting games from them in the future!

Interface of Fruit Ninja

With such a unique concept and simplicity, it would be a pity if Fruit Ninja would be bogged down by a terrible interface. Fortunately, this is not the case as Fruit Ninja simply can’t be beaten in the graphics and interface department. Slash and on-screen piece of fruit in the menu will take you to a different game type while the whole game feels snappy and very responsive. These two characteristics are vital for any iPhone application in general. The natural feel of the interface complements perfectly the cartoonish graphics comprised of various fruit splatter. The 3D effects are a nice touch on the whole too. It is an easy game to pick up but pretty hard to master if you want to unlock all of the possible achievements.

fruit ninja screenshot

A quick look at its main features of Fruit Ninja:

  • Three different game modes
  • Excellent game play and graphics
  • Very good sound effects
  • Fun, fun, fun!


Fruit Ninja is a simple yet supremely entertaining game that will provide countless hours of fun. The game play mechanics are very simple: all you have to do is to slice the fruits that are tossed on your screen. There’s a catch though; bombs are thrown in the mix as well so you’ve got to be very careful. Depending on the game mode you are playing, the bombs could prove lethal and ending the game instantly or be somewhat more harmless. Thus, you will only lose some points from your total score. The three game modes are called: Classic, Zen and Arcade. Probably the hardest of the three, the Classic mode requires that you slice all of the fruits and don’t get hit by any bombs. It is the only game mode where you can’t slice the bomb. The Zen mode is perfect for those wanting a relaxing gaming experience. In this game mode there are no bombs and you must slice as many fruits as you possibly can in one minute and thirty seconds. The last game mode is called Arcade and it is my favorite!  Within 60 seconds, you must slice as many fruits as you can and performing combos in order to ensure a higher score. For example, slicing 3 fruits or more in one single swipe will grant you extra points. All the sounds of the slashed fruits are very good and authentic, except for the bananas though.


Fruit Ninja is truly a very addictive game. Can this be a con? For some gamers, the answer is yes! Joking aside, more difficulty levels and game modes would certainly improve this already marvelous game.

In a nutshell

In retrospect, Fruit Ninja is one of the games that iPhone should be genuinely proud to host on the market. It is fun, addictive and perhaps a reminder for all developers that sometimes less is more! Slice away!

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