Overview of Smart Measure

Did you want to know just how tall a certain tree, building or monument is? How about the exact walking distance to it? With the Smart Measure application for Android, you can find out all the details regarding the height, direction and distance of any building or item that you want. This application is your key tool to get the most accurate information regarding the basic features of any object. The mechanism behind this application is very simple: it uses your Android’s orientation sensor, camera and trigonometry to tell you which direction you should take and how far you need to walk in order to get to the objective you want to see.


This application for Android was developed by Android Boy, a coder that specializes in designing news and weather applications software. It is free of charge and it can be downloaded from various online iPhone and Android application portals. This application was released on 19th of July 2010.


When you first launch this application, you will be guided through a tutorial that explains how Smart Measure works. In order to get very accurate measurements, you will need to find a constant height of the Android’s camera from the ground that you input into the program. Smart Measures can calculate the height and distance of an object that is as far as 80 meters. However, if you are looking for 100 % precise values, then it is recommended that you do not go further than 50 meters from the object. At the same time, you will need to calibrate the Android’s camera angle inclination. You only need to do the configuration once and afterwards it will become very easy to use, as all you have to do is point the Android at the base of an object and press the “shutter” button to get the measurements. It is important that you target the ground and not the object itself.

A quick look at the main features of Smart Measure

  • You can measure the width and area of an object
  • You can choose between regular and silent shutter feature
  • Camera Zoom is available
  • Set it in portrait mode
  • Virtual Horizon mode
  • New languages added: Portuguese, Spanish, French and Japanese

Pros of Smart Measure

If you were to compare this application with similar measuring tools for Android, you will notice that it provides results that are far more accurate. Besides the accuracy levels, the Smart Measure application is easy to use, as all you need to do is point the came to the base of any object, regardless of its size, and you will get the basic details about it by clicking a single button. In addition, it is a free application that you can download directly into the phone or you send from any computer with an internet connection.


There are a lot of voices out there that claim the application does not provide accurate measurements. However, it is all in the proper configuration of the software. You will need to take some time, once you install it on the phone, to find out and introduce the constant values of height from the ground and angle of the camera. The toughest challenge this application poses is introducing these constants. Once you are done, it becomes extremely easy to use. Another downfall associated with the Smart Measure application is that, even with the latest updates, it still cannot offer information regarding all possible values you can measure about an object.

In a nutshell

The Smart Measure application can be a very helpful tool around the household and a great entertainment method at the same time. The only problem that it encounters is the fact that you will need to configure it before you start using it in order to get the correct data. On the other hand, the application has an explanatory tutorial that guides you through the configuration process. Therefore, if you are going to follow the steps indicated in this tutorial, you can be sure that you will get the accurate measurements values you seek.

Most customers who have tried out this application also state that you can get 100% accurate values if you are 50 meters or less away from an object. However, if you manage to configure it correctly, you can use it for objects that are at about 80 meters from your phone. Overall, it provides a useful alternative to the traditional measuring tape and calculating distances via foot paces.

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