Overview of Angry Birds versus ZombieSmash

Unless you have been living under a rock, think that the Apple corporation sells real apples and never heard of the iTunes Stores, chances are that you would already have heard about Angry Birds – the little creatures that have taken the gaming world by storm. I have already seen plenty of toys and shirts modeled after these cute creatures even in the neighborhood fair. ZombieSmash is less viral but very popular among the gaming community as well, and if you are an owner of an iPhone or iPad, chances are, you will have at least one if not both of these addictive games installed on your mobile device.


ZombieSmash’s developer company, Gamedoctors, was actually founded by two PhD holders in genetics research, and they are brothers; Matthias and Thomas Höchsmann. Having released ZombieSmash in 2010, these brothers are currently working on other apps as their sequel.

First released by Rovio Mobile in 2009, Angry Birds is probably the second largest export from Finland after Nokia. With more than 300 million downloads across all platforms, these not-so-angry developers have now started merchandizing as well.

Head2Head: A comparison of app features between Angry Birds and ZombieSmash

We all love zombies and the most important part of games with zombies – that we can kill them, mutilate them and destroy them before they take over our homes and our planet. ZombieSmash, another tower-defense game, is fairly straightforward. The objective is to hurl away these undead characters from your spooky home and collect stars for your efforts. There is a lot to be said for this game that starts off deceptively simply and then gets you hooked. A little tip is to watch for the zoom in and out feature that can be confusing but you will quickly realize that the zombies get faster (and sneakier), the lesser that you can see.

On the iPhone, this game is great as the interactivity levels are high, and you will need to respond quickly to this unending attack fro the undead. Your weapons in this battle will include guns, debris and boulders, and the visuals are fun too! The zombies all die differently and you will have the ability to use as many weapons at your disposal as possible. If you are in a mood for vengeance, there is definitely a feel-good factor after playing the game.

Well, Angry Birds works on a similar structure. With birds and lots of pigs, you will be in a constant attack mode. The objective is to use the birds to attack and destroy the pigs. There are many strategies available (and you will discover some work better than the others on the iPhone), and the trick is to understand how this app works in terms of trajectory. The iPhone app features very precise controls that allow you to feel that you have the ability to adjust angles and to beat those darned pigs.

The atmosphere in Angry Birds is excellent and it is easy to get immersed into this game, sans sleep. You will find after a bit, that there are linchpin tips for each structure and you will, with some practice, be able to destroy the houses easily. Comparatively, both ZombieSmash and Angry Birds are addictive, and should not be attempted during work hours or in moving vehicles that you are driving. In this case, it is really not about having one or the other, as both options are irresistible.


Angry Birds rates 4+ although this is clearly not reflective of how this game has taken the world by storm while Zombie Smart rates 4+ too. General feedback about both apps is good although professional gamers can be somewhat critical, as the storyline is pretty standard but the entertainment value is definitely high.


Currently, Angry Birds goes for $0.99 as does ZombieSmash.

In a nutshell

If you want a couple of hours of respite from the mad rush of the world, regardless of whether you are 8 or 80 years old, both these games have very a strong appeal. There are strategy elements and thrill elements to both that make them very appealing and addictive. The best thing about Angry Birds is its highly interactive screening and the fact that everything is there for a reason. The visuals for both are excellent but objectively, Angry Birds takes the cake for this one.

Head2Head winner: Angry Birds

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