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One of the main strengths of an Android device is the fact that you can customize it in whichever way you want. A lot about what your phone looks like and how it operates can be changed due to the open source nature of the operating system. As a result, it would be a pity not spice up your Android with all sorts of cool stuff. Beautiful Widgets, as you can see from its title, will make your smartphone look really cool. It is an excellent Android app which includes several widgets but the large and small Beautiful Home Widgets are the stars of this party! Many more features are to be found in this app so let’s take a closer look and see if Beautiful Widgets is worth our attention or not.


Beautiful Widgets is a useful little app that will change the face of your smartphone that is developed by LevelUp Studio. LevelUp Studio is a France based company. Since Android 1.5 was released, the team of developers at LevelUp Studio created several apps for Android devices thus easily becoming one of the leading independent developers on the Android platform. Other honorable mentions of software developed by LevelUp Studio include Beautiful Live Weather, Beautiful Silence Widgets, FoxyRing: Smart Ringtone, Plume for Twitter and an add-on to Beautiful Widgets called the BW Animation Package. Their Beautiful Widgets app is one of the best apps for the customization of your Android. You will change the look and feel of your device in a heartbeat; all thanks to the myriad of nicely designed widgets available.

Interface of the Beautiful Widgets App

Beautiful Widgets is a simple app to use with a clear and stylish looking interface. Coming with exceptionally designed fonts and tasty buttons, it is an app that certainly knows how to impress. Setting up the preferred widgets as well as the additional features such as the clock, weather and forecast is a simple task that will not pose you any problems. The correct placement of the buttons and controls allows for a smooth navigation. Easy to use yet packed with features, Beautiful Widgets is really worth a try!

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A quick look at Beautiful Widgets main features

  • Customize your screen with beautiful widgets
  • Weather with realistic icons and animation
  • WVGA Devices benefit from High res graphics
  • Skins for customization
  • Stylish front with 12/24 hours support
  • Animations & Forecast
  • Easy to use


Beautiful Widgets is a very popular app that will transform your Android smartphone into a very beautiful and sexy beast! The Beautiful Home Widgets provided by this app are simply wonderful. The time, date and a local weather report that fills the width of the screen are the info that can be accessed from them. There are two versions: a large and a small one. The large widget takes up two rows of space while the smaller one will only occupy a single row. In addition, a simple, lightly stylized front to relay the time is used by Beautiful Widgets while the weather can be found to the right. Provided both in text and visual form, the weather forecast is a treat and it can be observed for the next few days, complete with animations.

Another feature provided by Beautiful Widgets is the clock widget. It looks pretty good with a clear and nice looking font, but some more customization options would have been great. However, it still beats the majority of the clock widgets you can find on the Android Market. Besides changing the look and feel of your device, the Beautiful Widgets app can also be used to switch various functions on and off. With the help of a set of buttons, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS can be turned on. The carefully designed buttons are not exactly beautiful as they look more somber but I can’t deny they are pretty decent as well.


Although the function buttons are attractive and the widgets are beautiful, this app doesn’t change the way the homescreen of an Android device is laid out. There are more dynamic home screen editing apps out there that accomplish this but maybe this wasn’t the goal of Beautiful Widgets. Some users are also reporting that it is a bit of a battery hog.

In a nutshell

All in all, Beautiful Widgets is a simple app packed with some attractive widgets that will give your Android device a new look. It is the perfect app for casual users who don’t want to fundamentally change the layout of the homescreen. Be sure to check Beautiful Widgets out!

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