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A pretty good app in itself, the weather application you can use on your iPhone has its limitations. For example, the display doesn’t fully utilize the iPhone’s power and some useful and important information is also lacking. This is the reason why an additional weather app is a must. But which one will you choose? This is where WeatherBug and WeatherEye intervene. They will face in a fierce showdown and at the end; you will be able to find out which one is better. At first look, both are packed with plenty of features but there can be only one winner. Who will prevail in the land of weather forecast?


WeatherBug is developed by EarthNetworks. It was founded in 1993 and in 2005, they announced WeatherBug for Windows smartphones. WeatherBug is a very popular application among iPhone users and the company enjoyed appreciation. They are specialized in a consumer line of products and services for a wide range of customers from desktop and mobile users to media/broadcast and educational industries. On the other hand, the developer of WeatherEye is MeteoMedia. What is more, their product, WeatherEye Mobile, is the most widely used mobile application in Canada. WeatherBug supports the following devices: iPod touch, iPhone and iPad and this app requires the iOS 3.0 or a later version.

Head2Head: A comparison of app features between WeatherBug and WeatherEye

Firstly, three ways to find out about the local weather conditions are given to you by WeatherBug. These three options are: conditions, cameras and radar. Various weather information such as rainfall measurement, the current temperature, wind speed, high and low temperature, humidity, dew point, heat index and wind speed is provided by the Conditions tab. What is more, a quick forecast on three days, along with some brief weather information for the day is also included as well as weather alerts. Secondly, through the Radar feature you get access to radar images of the weather conditions. What is cool about this feature is that it allows you to browse the radar maps of up to three cities.

Of course, you first must save these cities and their radar maps. The last option for viewing weather conditions is perhaps the most interesting one. Through Cameras, various locations within your locality can be observed because you get access to still pictures taken by webcams throughout the city. It is particularly useful when you want to know how’s the weather but you can’t go outside or look through a window.

WeatherEye is a great tool for getting weather information worldwide. You are provided with all sorts of stats such as Wind (kph or mph), Humidity Sunrise/set times, Pressure and weather forecast on three and five days but the most unique feature present in WeatherEye is the “tell-a-friend” option. If you want your friend to quickly have an up to date weather forecast, it is a very handy feature and all you need is an e-mail address. For example, it can also be used for planning an evening out at a restaurant.

In terms of the interface, WeatherEye is the clear winner as it boasts a much better and pleasing interface than its competitor. It has to be said though that the fact that WeatherBug gives temperature gauges in Fahrenheit is a pretty big downside. Lesser used in most countries, Fahrenheit is pretty much extinct for international standards.


WeatherBug is rated 4+ while WeatherEye is rated 4+ too on the iTunes app store. If we take a quick peek at the users’ reviews and feedback, we can clearly see that the opinions are mixed so let’s declare it a tie in this department.


Both weather apps are free on the App Store.

In a nutshell

The truth is that it is very hard to make straightforward decision as both apps are very good and what WeatherEye lacks in features makes up for it due to its well designed interface. However, for sheer functionality, WeatherBug deserves to be the winner as it packs a whole lot more features and it really is a great app to work with. After all, when it comes to a utility app, we certainly need to consider what functions and features it brings to the table and put our aesthetic considerations aside.

Head2Head winner: WeatherBug!!

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