Overview of Springpad

What is the purpose of Springpad? It helps saving your information and ideas on your iPhone for you to remember them. Basically folks, it helps you save everything as it’s coming in your head – random thoughts, products, books that you’re interesting in, restaurants, wines or things recommend by your friends. The app will quickly enhance and organize what you saved adding helpful information like showtimes, reviews, directions, price comparisons, menus and links for you to make reservations and purchases.


Springpad is a free iPhone application developed by Spring Partners, a team founded in 2008 which was motivated by the desire to exploit the harness of the data portability, the power of the Internet and the rapid growth in mobile access. They are giving application solutions to their customers on their mobile phone or on the Web. The company has two other products like EngageProactively and ExtendLeverage that help customers decide, save, capture and organize stuff, services and products. The Engage Proactively is communicating with customers and is providing relevant branded offers, information and deals. ExtendLeverage, on the other hand, is about increasing revenue.


Thanks to the new interface and features, the app is one of the best in saving and organizing information. People love it! It has your dates and information organized in folders that are easy to navigate and easily perceived by the eye. The app includes a bookmarklet, the ability to search your friend’s stuff and a mobile app for your web to make the content portable, sharable and useful. From drinks and food to managing and parenting every day, Springpad is providing you apps for every single thing like planning your tasks, projects and events and creating lists.

A quick look at the main features of Springpad

  • You can add to your own section called “my stuff” the things you want to remember later
  • Plain checklists and notes
  • It contains full event support and to do lists
  • It can set alerts to pretty much everything
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Giving the ability to share items that are yours via a link
  • Has a barcode scanner

Pros of Springpad

For me, Springpad is everything I dreamed of, being nearly a home desk which is very well uncluttered and organized. It allows you to organize and save the important stuff such as lists, events, tasks and products in a lot of ways and thanks to its social component included you have the privilege to view what others “springed” or added to their stuff. Every category is more specific due to a search function that helps you easily locate an item and save it. You can add various categories such as restaurants, businesses, wines, recipes, albums, books and others. It even has a packing list category! Another feature that won me was the barcode scanner. For example, if you are in a store and see a book that you think you would probably read you will only have to whip out your iPhone and scan the book’s barcode. The app will then search the barcode creating a record having included even the photo of the front cover. Thanks to its privacy feature you can hide the private things from the curious eyes of strangers. All you have to do is set your privacy off or on. Another feature that is very handy is that you can quickly print the list you have.


Although is an excellent app it has a few negative yet minor aspects too. Yes, it is awesome in remembering all kinds of “stuff” but it isn’t so good in planning appointments and it’s not so much suited for more items that could be practical. It should also include a confirmation after you click the cancel button because, all thanks to this unforgivable aspect, I ended several times losing my information just because I grazed the button accidentally.

In a nutshell

All in all, Springpad is an excellent app that you will surely love. If you no longer want to forget something, just get Springpad! The app helps you remember the movies you would like to watch, the books you would want to read, music you would want to download, homework that you have to finish or complete and ideas that simply go through your head. It’s quick, free, convenient and easy to use, all thanks to its simple interface. By investing little time in the end, you will get important benefits and you will no longer want to get rid of this app. You will simply love it!

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