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Overview of BerryWeather

Planning a trip tomorrow and you didn’t catch the weather news on the TV? Or you just don’t want to check the weather online? BerryWeather or BeWeather is a very useful BlackBerry app that provides you access to comprehensive reports in regards to the weather conditions and weather forecasts. If you want to be in the know about the weather no matter where you are then this is the right app for you. It is a feature-packed app that offers in depth weather conditions and all sorts of forecasts and weather advisories. Let’s find out more about BerryWeather and analyze its features in this quick article.


The BerryWeather app was developed and released by Bellshare GmbH. Voted the BlackBerry App Developer of the Year 2010 by, Bellshare GmbH is one of the best app developers in the world. Other worthy mentions of software developed by Bellshare GmbH include the following apps: BeBuzz, BerryReader, BerryPopup, SmartAlerts, BerryMail and a few more. Their development of BerryWeather is compelling and interesting as BerryWeather has become one of the most popular weather apps out there. It is a robust and very polished weather application.

Interface for BerryWeather

The interface of BerryWeather is one of the best things about this app. The interface is visually stunning and it looks great! It is also an easy to use app and you will set it up in no time. Casual users will not have any problems with this app. The clean and polished look of the interface means that you have instant, uncluttered access to the latest weather news and forecasts. The weather can be setup to be displayed in different ways too from the simple, default theme to more wacky ones.  All the information is clear and concise, thanks to the excellent placement of the controls and tabs. It is safe to say that in terms of the graphics department, BerryWeather is the most eye pleasing weather app on the market.

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A quick look at BerryWeather’s main features

  • 24-hour forecasts
  • 7 Day Forecasts featuring – Current conditions with “Real Feel” with Temperature, humidity, dew point, wind speed, and barometric pressure
  • 7 different views – Today, Today with Daily Forecast, Today with Hourly Forecast, Full Daily Forecast, Full Hourly Forecast, Compact Daily Forecast, Compact Hourly Forecast
  • No Monthly Subscription
  • Smooth animations
  • Customizable font size
  • Provides weather advisories


BerryWeather is an excellent weather app that will certainly help you a lot when planning that trip across the country or just a night out with your friends. Firstly, you should be happy to find out that BerryWeather offers a lot of different forecast view types and each one has its distinct purpose. The 7 Day Forecast view is the first view. The current weather alongside the 7 days of weather forecasts is displayed in this first view. The report is pretty comprehensive too with info such as high and low temperatures and the chance of precipitation shown as a percentage being included. It is a great option if your wish is to see the forecast for a week and the fact that the app updates automatically is great! In depth current weather conditions are also offered by BerryWeather.

More helpful information such as the “feels like” temperature, current temperature, Dew Point, Humidity, Barometric Pressure and the sky conditions such as Partly Cloudy, Raining, and Clear Skies can be found when the current Weather screen is opened. You can quickly find out when the app last updates its weather status because it shows you this little info. The most pertinent information is at your fingertips all the time and it is up to you if you want more details, you simply access the Conditions screen. The forecast and current views are both easy to use so planning trips for one day from now or a week out is simple. Other features provided by BerryWeather include a weather advisory screen where national weather alerts including their Effective and Expire times along with written text explaining those conditions and the areas they affect and a nice degree of personalization. In this case, you can change the background of the app with any image you have on your memory card or one provided by the app.


There are some problems with the display of the expanded forecast on smaller/lower resolution screens but I’m sure we can look further to this being resolved in versions down the road in the future.

In a nutshell

All in all, BerryWeather is a solid and feature-packed weather app that the majority of BlackBerry users will fully embrace. It is simple to use too so new owners of a BlackBerry device will certainly appreciate the added accessibility.

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