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If you are looking for a method to protect the surface, display and corners of your iPhone and still enjoy the features and design of your device, then you should check out the InCase Snap Case for iPhone 4. This is one of the accessories that have initially been presented as a free case for iPhone 4 fans. You will notice immediately that this thin transparent case is actually made of a durable and flexible plastic material.

Even though the InCase Snap Case for iPhone 4 will fit the iPhone 4 as a glove, the case has an opening that allows you to operate your device just as smoothly. It feels smooth to the touch and it does not alter the design of the iPhone 4 in any way. Moreover, at a closer examination, you will notice the InCase Snap Case for iPhone 4 has an anti-glare ring around the camera area and hence, you can be certain it will not interfere with the quality of the videos or photos that you take.


Founded in 1997, InCase has become one of the most appreciated brands of protective products for every day technology, such as the InCase Snap Case for iPhone 4. Their designs address the needs of all individuals regardless of their main interests, hobbies, professions and passions. As the InCase brand stands for simplicity, agility, authenticity, integrity and elegance, all these features are reflected in the amazing InCase Snap Case for iPhone 4. If you are looking for a simple yet sophisticated design with increased functionality and mobility for an enhanced user experience, then InCase is the company that can provide you with the attributes you are looking for.

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A quick look at Incase Snap Case’s main features

  • This case is able to provide protection for all four corners of your iPhone 4
  • The material of the case is durable and flexible
  • The design allows you to access the controls of the iPhone 4 as smoothly as before
  • It has an easy snap-on attachment that enables you to put the case on an take it off easily and without damaging or scratching the iPhone
  • It includes an anti-glare ring around the camera lens that will not alter the quality of your videos and photos

Pros of the Incase Snap Case

The InCase Snap Case for iPhone 4 will attach easily and securely onto your iPhone device so that it provides protection coverage for the entire surface. Thanks to the thin, flexible and transparent material it is made of, this case will enable you to enjoy the design of your iPhone and have access to all its features. The controls of the iPhone will not be blocked or harder to operate as the material is thin enough and will not affect the sensibility for the controls. In addition, it weighs really insignificantly and it will be rather hard for anyone to notice that you have a protective case on.

What you will appreciate mostly about the InCase Snap Case for iPhone 4 is that black anti-glare ring that goes around the camera lens. This is intended to reduce the flare of the flash and protect the lens of the camera from scratches when you place it on a rough surface.


Initially, the InCase Snap Case for iPhone 4 was offered as a free accessory for anyone that purchased an iPhone 4. Therefore, some customers are unsatisfied with the fact that they need to pay 35 dollars for it after the freebie offer is retracted. On the other hand, you should keep in mind the protection that the InCase Snap Case for iPhone 4 provides for the iPhone is well worth this amount. After all, it is not a inconvenient case cover that requires you to remove it constantly whenever you want to operate the iPhone.


Even though now you need to purchase it for 35 dollars, most customers that are using the InCase Snap Case for iPhone 4 consider it to provide effective protection from scratches all over the surface of the iPhone. At the same time, a large number of reviews rated this product with 5 stars, thanks to features such as design, protection, comfort and functionality.

In a nutshell

In retrospect, the InCase Snap Case for iPhone 4 is a very good product for people that enjoy the original design of their iPhones. The InCase Snap Case for iPhone 4 does not make your iPhone chunky and it allows you to attach any other accessories that you want. Although it is thin and you can barely feel it, this case has enough resilience to offer the optimal protection without interfering with the iPhone’s controls.

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