Overview of Twitterrific versus Twittelator

Everybody knows that when it comes to Twitter clients, there is no shortage of Twitter clients for the iPhone out there. This is why in this quick article we will analyze two of the best and most popular Twitter clients for your iPhone that you can find. The two apps are Twitterrific and Twittelator. When it comes to apps, functionality and looks/design are the most important aspects as I believe that aesthetics and packaging are just as important as functionality. Both Twitter clients have a lot going on for them as they are both packed with a lot of great features. However, one surely must be better than the other. But which one will prevail? We will soon find out the answer to this question!


The developer of Twitterrific is The Iconfactory, a company with offices in NC, CA & Stockholm. They have a lot of experience design and a large team comprised of artists, programmers and managers. They have hundreds of clients under their belt and did you know they worked on the icons in Microsoft’s Windows XP? I bet you didn’t. They are also creating games and honorable mentions of other software developed by The Iconfactory include: xScope, Astronut, Take Five, Flare, Dine-O-Matic, iPulse and many more apps and games.

On the other hand, Twittelator was created by the Big Stone Phone developer. Founded in 1984 and located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a variety of productivity applications for Apple Inc.’s Macintosh OS was developed by them. With almost 30 years of experience in design, engineering and implementation of software, we can certainly say that Big Stone Phone is more well-known than The Iconfactory.

Head2Head: A comparison of app features between Twitterrific and Twittelator

In terms of interface, the absolute winner is Twittelator. It boasts a simply gorgeous look that is only matched by its ease of use and functionality. Tweeting, replying and retweeting are done with relative ease thanks to the easy, uncluttered display that you will simply love. It is a joy to work with it. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that Twitterrific is weaker in this department. Navigating through the multiple accounts is easy and intuitive and all of the features are presented in a user friendly and straightforward manner. However, Twittelator goes that extra mile due to its fantastic design.

As for the features implemented by the two apps, you should be happy to find out that both of them support multiple accounts. You can easily switch between them and for people than run different retail businesses this feature is truly a Godsend. A unique feature of Twittelator is the thumbnail that appears whenever you receive a Tweet. A small thumbnail is included by Twittelator so you just have to tap it in order to enlarge it. It is a small yet largely killer feature that works in an excellent way.

Twitterrific has its color schemes that are very well designed as well as “tweet” sound that is made when all the initial tweets are received. A unique visual appeal of Twitterrific is the color coded tweets. For example, if I post a tweet, it will be highlighted in green. Tons of integrated services are provided by Twittelator. Here are a few: TweetShrink which allows you to cut back on the number of characters in a tweet, FollowCost – you will see how “expensive” is for you to follow someone, Favstar – popular tweets of a user and a lot more. These small details and features cannot be found in Twitterrific.


Twitterrific is rated 4+ while Twittelator is rated with the same score on the iTunes app store. The users’ reviews and feedback have seemed to point us in the direction that they enjoy Twittelator more than its counterpart.


You should be happy to find out the fact that, at the moment, both Twitter clients are free on the App Store.

In a nutshell

All in all, it has been a pretty fierce duel. I guess that you already know our winner. There is no denying that Twittelator is the superior app as it boasts more functionality and as stated in the beginning of the article, it also trumps over its competitor when it comes to the overall design.

Head2Head winner: Twittelator

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