Overview of SoundHound

If you ever heard a great song that got stuck in your head and you kept wondering what it was called or who was playing it, then you know how frustrating it can be. However, with the SoundHound recognition software developed for both iPads and iPhones, it has never been easier to find out all you need to know about a song you like. The manufacturer has provided a free version of the SoundHound application, but you can always choose to purchase the premium one in order to get the full benefits of all its features.

Unlike the other song recognition software on the market, you will not need to position your iPhone or iPad near the music source. Furthermore, the powerful coding of SoundHound allows you to research a song even when you hum it yourself. All this application requires is a WiFi connection and you can easily tag any song available in the extensive database.


SoundHound Inc. is a company located in San Jose that has developed many quality music recognition software applications with support for a great deal of platforms, from iPads and iPhones to Windows and Symbian. The Sound2Sound technology developed by this company has revolutionized the traditional approach to song search, simplifying the conversion of sound to text. Over the years, SoundHound has constantly updated and improved the software, in order to give its customers the best possible experience. SoundHound has partnerships with important software and hardware development companies in Silicon Valley as well as the full support of large investors.


The visual interface of SoundHound is easy to comprehend, even though it can deliver all the features you could expect from a song recognition application. Above the main window of the application that asks you to play or hum a song, you will find a box for the name of the song or the artist playing it. In the middle of the interface, you can see the search song option on a rather big button. If you did not get all the lyrics right when humming a certain song, then the application will provide you a list of recommendations from the iTunes database. Moreover, you can access the history list from the lower side button on the main window of the interface, so you do not need to perform the search again in case you forgot the song or the name of the artist from a previous search.

A quick look at the main features of SoundHound

  • Allows you to recognize any song in the iTunes database faster than any other similar software
  • Provides a list of recommendations based on the lyrics, sound, artist or song name
  • Can show you a history list of your previous searches
  • You can use it to purchase a song directly from iTunes
  • It can help you learn about the newest songs published on iTunes
  • The premium version enables you to share your searches with your friends

Pros of SoundHound

So far, it would seem that SoundHound is the fastest and most accurate song recognition application for iPhones available on the market. You can either sing partial lyrics, speak the name of the artist and the title into the microphone or play music near it and SoundHound will be able to detect and tag that song with pinpoint accuracy. Furthermore, you have the option of previewing the song or purchasing it from the iTunes database, thus you can always listen to any song you want, as long as you have a Wifi connection. At the same time, the interface is incredibly easy to use and provides a great number of features in order to improve your research.


One of the downsides of this application is that it can sometimes get confused when there is more than one sound source. For instance, if you were to play two different songs near it, then the application will not provide you any kind of search results. However, this problem is common to all music recognition software applications and it may take some time before the developers come up with an ingenious solution. Some people may complain that you will most likely use SoundHound to research a song played in a crowded place like a bar or a disco, thus this setback is quite important. However, since the app allows you to find songs simply by humming it, you can easily research the song in a quieter environment.

In a nutshell

If you are looking for a music recognition application that can simplify your research a great deal, then SoundHound is perfect for the task. Moreover, thanks to its additional features that enable you to simply download the songs you want from iTunes, you can take your favorite music anywhere without having to carry any additional memory cards or other types of supports.

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