Clingo Universal Hands-Free Mount Overview

Clingo Universal Hands-Free Mount is used to mount the BlackBerry or any other mobile device onto the dashboard of your car and allows you to keep a quick eye on the screen while concentrating on the road ahead of you. Created with versatility of use and flexibility in mind, this gadget uses a ball and socket joint that allows freedom of movement when the phone or mobile device has been mounted on the frame. The pivoting arm then allows finer adjustments to suit the specific needs of the driver so that adjustments can be made until achieving the perfect viewing angle. Comprising a sticky pad that is able to hold the phone or mobile device securely even on country roads, the phone can easily be extracted as you step out of the vehicle.


The website and the brand itself are owned by Allsop, a 45-year old family business that has been involved in everything from Ski-Boot In to the electronics business and technology, and even a bike-rack business and towing company. Comprising visionaries who are willing to dabble in a wide array of interests that include gardening and lighting styles as well, each member of this family-run business has been able to carve out a niche that defines them and their entrepreneurial streaks. In order to succeed in all these diversified interests, the family has held true to the philosophy of surrounding themselves with the best of talents – creative and inspired individuals who work out of offices in the United States and Europe.

A quick look at Clingo Universal Hands-Free Mount main features

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Installation possible on dashboard or windshield, side windows or even the sun-roof
  • I-Beam arm to reduce vibration and increase stability
  • Safe hands-free viewing
  • Sticky surface for phone mounting
  • Residue free removal from mounting
  • Multi-axis adjustable arm for flexible viewing angles
  • Securely holds any mobile device on the mounting
  • There is no need to look for adhesive replacement as the Clingo pad just needs to be cleaned under running water and left to dry. Upon drying, the adhesive properties of this product will kick in again and it will be as if you have purchased a new Clingo.

Pros of the Clingo Universal Hands-Free Mount

The variety of mounting options puts the Clingo Universal Hands-Free Mount ahead of the pack. In addition, its versatility in holding just about any mobile device or media player means that the driver of the vehicle will have easy access to the screen and scrolling features whilst still being able to concentrate on the road. Simple to use, it is just about pressing the device onto the padding and the self-adhesive feature will cling on to the mobile device and ensure against slippage. Just as easily peeled off, the unique adhesive technology protects the mobile device from retaining any sticky residue at the back of the device. The versatility in mounting options is also a key plus point. In addition, you may want to locate the mobile device where you can easily access the GPS system for road maps and directions and again, the Clingo serves this purpose well. A more innovative use of the Clingo is to mount your mobile device in such a way that you can use it as a Universal Game Wheel as part of the tools of a racing app.

Cons of the Clingo Universal Hands-Free Mount

With almost no exceptions, this device comes problem-free unless you live in extremely cold climatic conditions in which case that the adhesive pad can be a little unreliable. In addition, if dirt and oil are allowed to accumulate on the self-adhesive pad, this will reduce the levels of stickiness. The solution to the second problem is simply to wash out and air-dry the mounting.


The secret to the success of the Clingo Universal Hands-Free Mount is in the self-adhesive that is used.  Backed by an organization that has been unstinting in its efforts to find innovative and exciting and creative ways to improve the quality of life and living, purchasers of this mounting recognize that they receive value for money and the fact that this gadget seems to have an infinite lifespan confirms that it is still possible to build things that last a lifetime in this day and age, when everything seems so easily disposable.

In a nutshell

This gadget should have been invented years ago and it should be made available worldwide. The good news is that with e-commerce, it is now possible to purchase this gadget and have it delivered to anywhere in the world, as long as it doesn’t get hijacked on the way there!

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