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Who wants to buy a navigation system when they already have an iPhone, right? You’ve got a powerful device boasting a fantastic screen so it is only normal that you should take advantage of it. There is no shortage navigation apps for the iPhone on the market and today we are letting these two titans clash, in a fearless battle, two of the best navigation iPhone app out there: TomTom and Navigon. Both are jam-packed with features but who will be the absolute winner? Well, let’s take a closer look at TomTom and Navigon and decide which one will take the crown of the best navigation app for the iPhone.


Navigon is developed by Navigon AG, a company with a lot of experience in the manufacturing of navigation systems. What is more, the team at Navigon AG is one of the best in the world and all of their products boast excellent design and innovation. GPS software for reputable consumer electronics manufacturers is also developed by them. The Navigon app is also developed for the Android platform and has a U.S and European version. On the other hand, the developer of TomTom is called TomTom International BV. Founded in 1991 and listed in 2005 on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, TomTom International BV is an important company in the international landscape of navigation systems. As an interesting fact, 104 countries and territories and 34.8 million kilometers of road across the globe are covered by their maps.

Head2Head: A comparison of app features between TomTom and Navigon

The main strength of TomTom is the ability to gain access to one of the best Point of Interest (POI) databases and maps. Regarding its interface, you should be happy to find out the fact that the menu is simple and intuitive and all you need to do is gently touch the screen. This is also the case of Navigon where they’ve kept it simple and if you are a more experienced user, you can get more advanced.

Both apps have implemented the text to speech feature and the directions can be spoken aloud so you are sure that you will never miss a turn. Numerous voice prompted directions, points of interest (POI) and routing options are provided by TomTom. A unique feature of this app is called IQ routes. It is supposedly an improved technology that allows you to get access to superior directions and as a result, data about routes like day of the week, average speed of travel and more is also taken into account by TomTom. You can also listen to music while driving and searching for your favorite destination due to the availability of the iPod player. Navigon also integrates iPod controls and you can easily gain access to them from the maps.

Furthermore, there is one aspect where Navigon trumps over its competitor: social networking. Thus, your location can be easily published on Facebook or Twitter accounts and as you will arrive to your destination, Navigon will update your status. A nice touch is that Navigon knows the speed you are travelling and will give you a warning if the speed limit is exceeded. The default threshold over the speed limit can be adjusted or if you find the navigation lady annoying, you can disable it altogether.

Another minus for the TomTom app but is found present in Navigon is the very necessary lane assistance feature. It is quite a mystery why such an important feature is missing from TomTom.


TomTom is rated 3.5+ while Navigon is rated 4+ on the iTunes app store. Judging from the users’ reviews and feedback, we can say that they prefer Navigon.


At the moment, TomTom is priced at $39.99 on the App Store while Navigon can be acquired at the price of $29.99.

In a nutshell

All in all, the winner of our showdown is Navigon. Basically, it does everything TomTom does plus some extra very useful features. Without any doubt, it is one of the best navigation system apps for the iPhone. The great maps, great features and ease of use make it stand out from the crowd and apparently from its counterpart, TomTom!

Head2Head winner: Navigon

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