Overview of iMovie

This popular iPhone app lets its users edit videos in simplicity at its best. You can basically take your photos and video clips from two sources (the gallery or the phone’s camera) and weave them together into a dynamic movie. What’s a video-editing app without the video effects? Don’t worry folks, iMovie has this covered as well so you are able to add in transition effects while viewing all the clips intended for your new “movie” in a single horizontal timeline. So does this video-editing tool for the iPhone match up to its claims? Let’s analyze the components of this app and see how it all pans out.


iMovie is a flagship program for video-editing developed by Apple Inc. which is the exact same company that produces the Mac, iPhone, iPad and the iPod. The name ‘Apple’ in the tech world is so well known that if you have never heard of Apple’s products, you probably don’t exist! It is in fact one of the biggest corporations in the world today and is generally agreed by many as the most valuable technology company. Apple Inc is a multinational company based in the US and as they produce their own operating systems for their products, they also develop the software products for their range of hardware products. iMovie was actually an app bundled together with the iLife suite when it was first launched. Other honorable mentions of software developed by Apple Inc include iTunes, iWork, Safari internet browser, and of course I need to mention iOS, the operating system used in all their mobile phone products. Their wide ranging products are available online in the Apple Store.


Being a really easy to use tool, iMovie has a rather neat interface as navigation is simply summed up in one word – intuitive. The interface is made for multi-touch since it is after all, on an iPhone. With a few touches and flicks, you can tap to record or simply add video into your project, drag to shorten or lengthen the clips used for your movie, slide to scrub through video as well as pinch to close up on the timeline. Overall, it is really Spartan looking if you ask me but I would rather have such a clean interface than a cluttered one with lots of icons to confuse me.

A quick look at the main features of iMovie

  • Previews with a full screen
  • Transition effects such as twirl, warp out and more are available
  • Features video effects such as reverse slow/fast motion, brightness and contrast, and fairy dust effects
  • You can use themes to enhance your movies
  • Create still frames from videos
  • Ability to share your finished movies

Pros of iMovie

Definitely for me, the range of editing tools available in iMovie has won me over. You can do so much in terms of video-editing on your smartphone with its myriad features. The interface is also intuitive and easily to use so regardless whether you are an iPhone newbie or seasoned user; you should have no problems employing the tool to good use. Well, there is still a learning curve to get past but you shouldn’t need a long time to start making great movies with it. The great thing is after you have finished editing your movies, you can share them through a few ways which include emailing them, uploading them to YouTube or even sending them as a MMS. Integration with iPhotos and iTunes is also a much appreciated attribute.


If I have to be fussy, I would say that sharing the movies come at a cost. The cost is that they will be very much compressed so you might not be having the best quality in terms of resolution but Apple has come out to defend this issue by saying that it is to improve the transmission quality. In addition, a quick look at reviews online echoes the same concern that priced at $4.99; many individuals might be opting for other free video-editing tools which are packed with almost the same amount of features.

In a nutshell

Whether you are a seasoned movie editing or a budding home movie newbie trying to make your first movie on your iPhone; iMovie is a relatively good choice for you to edit your movies on the go. It is often said that with iMovie, your movies are made to look like they are from Hollywood with minimum effort. Perhaps the only problem lies in whether you are open to the idea of forking out $4.99 for this app when there are lots of free video-editing tools out there.

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