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Symbian-powered smartphones have quite good voice recorders and as a result, voice notes can be quickly recorded. You can listen to them later wherever you are. They have a huge downside though because these notes are only saved to your phone and they aren’t transferred alongside your PIM information and photos. The result? The entire purpose of recording them in the first place is defeated because you can quickly forget about them. The problem is solved though with the help of VoiceQ. Have you ever wanted a personal secretary on the go? Well, you should be happy to find out that VoiceQ is exactly that! Let’s analyze the features of VoiceQ and find out more about this handy app in this review.


VoiceQ is an app that allows the recording of voice notes and saving them to your phone. It was developed by SBSH Mobile Software. It is an Israel based company, founded in 2002, which develops applications for many platforms such as the Symbian S60, Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, webOS, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile platforms. Over the years, they have offered many innovative apps to the world and have become one of the best companies in terms of customer support. Thus, a superior purchase experience from acquiring the product to the very final steps of application activation and usage is provided to the user. A number of industry honors for its quality service and innovative applications have been given to SBSH Mobile Software in the past couple of years. They can also be proud because they boast one of the largest mobile user communities in the world. Over than 100000 members actively participate in discussions! VoiceQ is an excellent app developed by the team at SBSH Mobile Software because it extends the capabilities of a Symbian-powered smartphone.

Interface of VoiceQ


VoiceQ has an easy to use and intuitive interface that will certainly delight you. The clean and rather stylish look of the interface is accompanied by a great functionality. You can quickly start using it just by clicking the keys in the main screen. There are three modes and according to them, the functionality button changes to reflect it. “Record”, “Stop” and “Email” are the available modes and VoiceQ can be configured to start up in any mode you wish to. With just two clicks you can enjoy VoiceQ! Overall, the interface of VoiceQ is simple and easy to navigate.

A quick look at VoiceQ’s main features

  • Voice2Email
  • Record voice notes and save them on your memory card
  • Simple yet brilliant
  • Huge productivity boost


VoiceQ is a very interesting app that will become your secretary on the go! In addition to recording voice notes and saving them to your phone, you can also email them to a pre-configured email address. Automatically too! The place the local copy gets stored can also be assigned. For example, you can use a certain folder found on your memory card. Keep in mind that in order to work, the messaging application must have one functioning email mailbox setup. Other email clients like Nokia Messaging, Profimail don’t work with the VoiceQ app. VoiceQ provides support only for the built-in messaging application. The same sound file is used by VoiceQ for all of your recordings. Every time a new recording is started, the previous recording is deleted (the attachments stay in the e-mail though). As a result, your voice notes will be intact while you also save space on your device. Another useful feature of VoiceQ is the fact that its recording can be played by every standard sound player. All the recordings are saved in a WAV format and the encoding specs are: 16bit Audio sample size, 128 kbps Bit Rate, mono (1channel) and an audio sample rate of 8kHz. All the recordings are pretty small and all of them are limited to 10 minutes. It is certainly a good design decision. What is the point of sending an e-mail with a huge attachment, right?


The weakness of VoiceQ is the fact that each voice note is overwritten by the last. The assumption that it will always be emailed out immediately works perfectly in places with internet connectivity. But there are many situations when WiFi or a GPRS/3G connection is lacking for various reasons. In this case, the user will lose all of the voice notes except the last one. There should be an option that doesn’t allow the removal of voice notes if e-mail doesn’t work.

In a nutshell

All in all, VoiceQ is an app that certainly delivers what it has claimed to do. Its simplicity and functionality will certainly be put to good use by the ever traveling businessman or businesswoman.

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