Overview of IHandiStore

For the sales person who is always on the move, IHandiStore is an interesting app that will allow you to keep track of what is going on without having to lug the paperwork around. Built with the sales person in mind, this app allows you to quickly and easily monitor orders, sales inventory and even delivery of products and services. The use is not limited to day-to-day tracking of your sales record but can cleverly be used during events and trade shows to check stock while speaking to potential clients, set delivery dates and even track payments. It also provides you will immediate access to your contact list so that following up on discussions becomes a very straightforward process. IHandiStore has quite a few interesting features and it is worthwhile to spend about two or three hours getting familiar with the details once you purchase this app. The system that it uses may not be in accordance with how your organization structures the business but it provides a clear and solid platform for tracking everything. If you are the type of person who needs to monitor things closely, even at managing a sales team; this is an app that is worth your attention.


Developed by Robert Johnson, this app is focused on an area of his interest. His focus for app development is in the areas of finance, medical, business, lifestyle and productivity. Other apps by him include Aquarium Buddy, IGetAJob, IBabyMedical bringing it to total of ten apps that have been created to date.


The user interface for the IHandiStore is straightforward and it is a case of following instructions that are provided on the screen. Everything is literally at the tap of your fingers and what is interesting is that you will be able to link the information in IHandiStore to the specific customer in your Contacts. This makes it very easy to communicate via SMS or email or even by calling the customer immediately based on reminders on your IHandiStore. The tabs are clear and each tab will lead you to different parts of this app that focus on different requirements in the context of sales. It will just be a simple case of structuring your content into the app in order to get it to work for you.

A quick look at the main features of IHandiStore

  • The main screen displays the name, date and also colorful icons that allow you to define your contacts
  • The main screen also displays icons for Deliveries, Inventory, Quick Look and Plan and you can easily select these depending on what you want to do
  • Includes a planner
  • Allow you to check sales either month or year to date
  • Allows quick look at unpaid orders, undelivered orders, inventory
  • Easy access to order numbers, customers, items and quantity ordered

Pros of IHandiStore

If you are a sales person who is always on the move, then this app would work well for you. What is does require is that you fill in the business data as and when it arises after all, the app is only as good as the information in it. Once all the data is in, then regular monitoring will give you the equivalent of a daily business report of all the activities, appointments and sales that have taken place. It is ideal to take the time to key in your data initially and then start using it daily. Updating is very important as it is a standalone item and cannot be linked to your corporate interface. But the rationale is that you would have to carry this data around anyway, then with the IHandiStore, the interface makes this interesting to do and track and even a little fun.


To start using this product it is important to go through all the details provided in the instruction guide. For individuals who suffer from tech-freeze, this may be a little off-putting but the trick is to persist. It is a worthwhile effort. Once you become familiar with how to use this app, everything else is a breeze!

In a nutshell

Using this product means being able to keep track of customers, sales, inventory, appointments and a host of other little things that define a great sales person. If you are involved in large events and trade shows in particular, this app can be a lifesaver. With everything available at your fingertips, it will be about negotiating and sales rather than endless phone calls to suppliers or the office to check on the latest stock updates. All in all, IHandiStore seamlessly puts the selling back in sales.

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