VibrateCallOverview of VibrateCall

VibrateCall is one of the most innovative applications for Symbian phones on the market. This software, though based on a fairly simple concept, is going to change the way you make the phone calls. While usually you would have to keep the phone next to your ear in order to hear when you the other person has answered, you will not have to do that with VibrateCall. Your phone will vibrate until the person on the other end of the line has answered. Therefore, you can simply hold the phone in your hand and use the loud speakers.

The VibrateCall application is very convenient for both practical and health-related issues. When you are trying to make a call from a crowded or noisy environment, you can hardly hear whether the phone is ringing or not. At the same time, specialists warn us that the radiation level emitted by the phone increases up to twenty times when the call is being patched through. Therefore, why not make your life easier with the VibrateCall application?


ThinkChange is a fairly new Chinese company that specializes in developing unique and high quality software applications for mobile phones. VibrateCall is just one of the many products designed by them, as they have titles like Mazelock, Fingerprint, Flipsilent or Compass. The goal of ThinkChange is to find new exciting uses for the mobile phones based on the features and potential that the new models have. Therefore, you should expect any software developed by this company to be ingeniously designed and always come with a twist. For instance, the Mazelock application allows you to lock your touchscreen device by connecting the dots on the display in a certain order instead of clicking a button, thus ensuring that you will not dial anything from your pocket by mistake.

Interface of VibrateCall

The interface of the VibrateCall application is user-friendly and it will allow you to customize its features easily. The first tab on the top of the screen allows you to switch between normal ringing and vibrations when you dial a number. The second tab has a slide bar that enables you to choose the intensity of the vibrations to your liking. The last bar provides the option of choosing whether you want to start the application automatically when you turn the mobile phone on. When you are done setting up the application, you can hide the option menu via the low right button. Therefore, setting the application is quick and easy and you can choose to have it switched on permanently or only when you see fit.


A quick look at VibrateCall’s main features

  • Easy to use adjustment interface
  • Replaces normal ringing with vibrations
  • Customizable ringing intensity
  • Able to create a vibration profile
  • Kept hidden when it is not in use

Pros of VibrateCall

VibrateCall is very beneficial for your overall health because it enables you to keep the phone away from your head when it is emitting a dangerous amount of radiation. While scientists advise people against prolonged use of cell phones precisely due to the radiation, the level emitted during the time when you are making the call increases approximately twenty times. Since the body is subjected to so many harmful environmental factors already, one should do everything in his power to minimize their effect.

Furthermore, it is very practical and comfortable to keep the phone in your hand and use the loudspeakers, rather than holding it next to your ear. This way you can actually see the display while having a conversation. Furthermore, when you hold the phone next to your ear for a prolonged period, you will most likely start to sweat on it, thus causing your phone to wear out in time.


Replacing the normal ringing with vibrations will take its toll on the phone’s battery, thus you will probably need to recharge it more often. Therefore, if you need to use the phone constantly, you will probably need to either keep a spare battery with you or have your charger ready at all times. Furthermore, frequent recharging will slightly decrease the lifespan of the battery. However, the newest generation of phones come with sturdy and resilient accumulators, thus you should not experience any problem for a long time.

In a nutshell

VibrateCall is an ingenious application that somewhat changes the traditional way people use the phones. By replacing the normal ringing with vibrations you will obtain a lot more flexibility and you will do your body a favor by eliminating one of the main sources of radiation from its vicinity.


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