Overview of Scrabble versus Lexulous

When people think about word games, Scrabble is usually the first thing that comes to mind. Since these classical version board games was enjoyed by millions since its creation, it is only natural that the brand and logo will be a great deal more popular than Lexulous, a game that has hit the shelves quite recently and is, more or less, a replica of the EA Games Scrabble. However, one should not judge Lexulous too hasty, as this iPhone application does have its merits and the designers at RJ Software are working diligently to fix the existing bugs and add new features. While it may not have the advantage of a famous name, Lexulous is a strong competitor for Scrabble.


As mentioned, the Scrabble version for iPhone has been designed by EA, a company that has achieved great success over the years in the field of gaming. While the list of games designed by Electronic Arts for computers and consoles is seemingly endless, the company officials have turned their attention towards the iPhone application market quite recently. However, several games originally designed for PCs have been received their makeover and can now be enjoyed on iPhones as well. The list of most worthy titles includes Alice: Madness Returns, Dead Space, Battlefield: Bad Company, Ultimate Mortal Kombat and many more.

RJ Softwares, on the other hand, is a significantly less known company that provides IT Solutions. Their line of business includes software development, mobile solution, graphic and multimedia design and website development.

Head2Head: A comparison of app features between Scrabble and Lexulous

One of the biggest advantages Scrabble has over Lexulous is the ability to perform actions such as listening to iTunes or chatting via social networks during the game. Once it is your turn to move, you will be notified, so there is no danger of letting people wait too long or missing your turn. However, in Lexulous allows the user to play a limitless number of simultaneous games, while Scrabble does not enable to play over fifty.

In terms of multiplayer, Scrabble wins by a large margin, as Lexulous only gives players the possibility to go head to head with competitors via Facebook. Scrabble, on the other hand has hot-seat options (named Pass’n’Play here), local multiplayer, Facebook Multiplayer, single-player mode without an opponent, and single player mode versus an AI with three levels of difficulty. As you can see, Lexulous is missing some of the critical features required for a great iPhone application.

The interface scores another point for Scrabble, as the minimalistic design and lack of animation make Lexulous look completely unappealing. The whole point behind the Lexulous design was to make the interface as simple as possible, but the creators went a bit overboard and all they managed to attain by it was a sloppy, unpolished look.

Stability, however, is a point that should be awarded to Lexulous. Unlike the EA Scrabble, Lexulous rarely crashes. This happens, of course, due to the fact that the simple interface requires less coding and system resources, thus putting a lower strain on the iPhone. Nevertheless, the EA Scrabble desperately needs updates and fixes for the crashing, as even the most diehard fans of the game are bound to become aggravated with this aspect at some point.


As you might have already guessed, Scrabble is a great deal more popular than Lexulous. While the brand name plays an important part here, the truth is that the features Scrabble includes and the interface should also be awarded credit. This does not go to say that Lexulous is a bad game, but rather that due to the fact that it is basically an unpolished copycat of Scrabble; it cannot achieve the same fame at the moment. While Scrabble got 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars on the iTunes store, Lexulous only has 1 out of a possible 5 stars.


Both these applications are quite cheap at the moment. For Scrabble, iTunes clients will have to pay 2.99 dollars, while Lexulous costs 1.99 dollars. Well, given the advantages Scrabble has over Lexulous, the price difference is justifiable.

In a nutshell

RJ Softwares have put up a good fight, but in the end – Electronic Arts wins the day. It is fairly obvious that given the resources of Electronic Arts and the popularity of the Scrabble board game there can only be one winner here. That being said, Lexulous is still one of the strongest competitors for Scrabble in the word game category.

Head2Head winner: Scrabble

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