Overview of WorldMate Live

If you are a regular traveler and perpetually on the run, with the red light on your Blackberry flickering continuously as you answer calls and SMSes and emails nineteen to a dozen, then it can be a frazzle that needs someone, or in this case something, to sort it out for you. Unlike the traditional Calendar or DIY To-Do List, WorldMate Live is about synchronizing your life, particularly when you travel. This app allows you to create a business itinerary and make it mobile with you. Taking care of every detail from flights and hotels to car rentals and meetings, you can fill in the details on the run without breaking stride. Basically WorldMate Live is your personal assistant without the smile but with services that put a smile on your face.


Owned and maintained by WorldMate, this app is one of a variety of apps created by the company for mobile devices including the iPhone and Android and Symbian devices. Working in partnership with some of the biggest brands including Nokia, RIM and AT&T, this organization is focused on the continued development of productivity apps that will allow the greatest use of the mobile devices in terms of functionality. Led by a team of individuals who are leaders in their own right, this developer has been making waves especially for the last two years.


Catering to more than five million users, this app helps you to identify relevant details about your travel plans and creates a single interface that allows you to see it all, monitor it and modify it at one glance. This is done by syncing your Blackberry with the worldmate.com website and then, if you choose, this information can be made public to help your team and colleagues understand your travel obligations and provide relevant input about meetings and other appointments as well. In addition, very much like a personal assistant, or perhaps better, the system will provide reminders that can include weather forecasts and whatever meet-and-greet arrangements have been made as part of your itinerary. If well used, the details can be pretty amazing down to the destination time zones and airport terminals and gate information as well.

A quick look at the main features of WorldMate Live

  • Creation of travel itinerary automatically based on data entered
  • Calendar syncing abilities
  • Ability to live syncing with web and mobile devices
  • Email reminders and itinerary sharing
  • Access to travel resources including everything from time zones to weather reports, car rentals to accommodation matters
  • Easy access to maps and navigation tool at the destination
  • Last minute hotel bookings and rates
  • World clocks
  • Currency converter features
  • Note that the upgraded versions have greater features

Pros of WorldMate Live

Best appreciated by those on the move, WorldMate Live is an invaluable tool to track all aspects of your travel arrangements with ease. It allows you to have constant access to changes in your schedule and provides a reliable platform to track event and activities as well. Once you are accustomed to using WorldMate Live, you may find that even when you are not travelling, this app has a role to play in your management of each day. Hassle free tracking with live updates, this system is a critical tool that can make a difference between a missed flight and a comfortable journey with everything you need at your fingertips. On the Blackberry the features include reminders that can be preset to provide you with updates and information about the steps that need to be taken prior to departure. The best use of this app is by keying in everything, and this means everything that has to do with your travel arrangements.


There can apparently be some problems with this app when it comes to syncing and it is important that all the instructions for installation are followed strictly. There are also users who have attempted to delete this app only to discover that it messes up their system. The solution to this unfortunately is to reconfigure the entire system and start from scratch. Most of all, when away, the biggest risk will be if your mobile device is misplaced, but if you have synced it, then it is not like losing a diary or daily planner as all you will need to do is reconnect and you will be back in business.

In a nutshell

It’s great and a truly useful tool for the traveler. One piece of advice though, is to ensure that you key in all the relevant data that is important for your travel arrangements in order to optimize the features that this system can offer. After all at the end of the day, the system is only as good as the information in it.

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