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Food, glorious food; and where to get it? With Foodspotting, this information is now easily available on your iPhone. Responsible for the creation of a new online community driven by their stomachs, Foodspotting literally allows people to share meals with each other. The app allows you to take photos of the meal presented to you at a restaurant or diner and to upload this together with a description of what it was, and more importantly, where to get it. What is totally cool about this app is that it allows members of the community to share their views and food reviews with each other, and simultaneously allows them to connect with people they may otherwise have never known at all.


The developer is backed by Felicis Ventures and is based out of San Francisco, California. In striving to be different and to avoid offering the standard fare of menus and recipes and how-to-cook-this dish apps, the developer was driven by wanting to create a culinary adventure for its users. They launched this app in 2010 and then received funding of US$3 million that allowed them to expand the application of this app to Android devices as well. Founded by Alexa Andrzejewski who is listed as Co-Founder and CEO, the creation of this app was driven by the search for Okonomiyaki.


A quick glance at Foodspotting will show that it is driven by visual imagery that allows users to see what their choices are. With a professional layout that even includes a map on its homepage, this iPhone app not only tantalizes your taste buds with the visual and text reviews of the community, it allows you to easily transfer photos taken by the camera and insert them into the Foodspotting app. For users inclined to follow their stomachs but who may need direction, the inbuilt map has a Search By function that allows users to search either by location or food. Requiring almost no tech-savvy skills, the simple navigation bar makes it easy to share photos and views about what you have eaten. Initially it is necessary to register for a Foodspotting account by logging in and joining the community. To do this, a user name, email address and password are required and once these formalities have been satisfied, you’re in.

Food Spotting App

A quick look at Foodspotting’s main features

  • Easy registration
  • Connectivity to Twitter, FaceBook and other social networking sites
  • Pre-set templates for new users (created by other users) that will allow immediate insertion of pictures and reviews
  • Easily accessible Friends List that allows you to communicate directly with other members of the community
  • Easy to search for food, location, reviews and other members making communicating a breeze

Pros of Foodspotting

An interesting app that does something totally different, there is a sense of adventure when using Foodspotting that is hard to duplicate. Registration for use of this app is free and this in itself has contributed to the size of the community within the app. The map is an important feature and is a very useful tool not only for the search of perfect cuisine, but can also be used if you get lost and your GPS is on the blink. The biggest plus point is probably the fact that you will have access to like-minded people who can contribute great information about the best foods in your locality and beyond. The high levels of interactivity on this app are a definite boon too so the social aspect of this app can be said to be its largest vote-gatherer.

Cons of Foodspotting

There has been some feedback that Foodspotting app users can sometimes have problems uploading photos or using the map but if this happens, it is a simple case of exiting the app and refreshing the whole thing. Once this is done, then the app should be able to perform at optimum again. While this problem does not appear to be a common issue; with so many happy users out there, the occasional glitch can be expected but these are easy to resolve.

In a nutshell

There is a sense of excitement in using this app as it is literally a journey of culinary discovery. For individuals who are always on the road, this app is especially useful if you are away from home and looking for an ideal place to have a meal. Unlike advertising that can be unreliable or rather driven by the business, this app allows for honest input about the different foods available at different locations from the consumers’ perspective which tends to be more reliable since there is only a very low level of commercial-influenced input.

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