Overview of Pocket Garden versus iGarden USA

Pocket Garden and iGarden USA are great applications to have on your iPhone if you are passionate about gardening. These applications include a lot of useful information regarding the plants and herbs that you want to add in your backyard, the type of soil particular plants will thrive in, insects, pests and so on. In addition, while they offer recommendations about when you should plant and collect various flowers, trees, vegetable or fruits, the applications also provide useful suggestions regarding how deep and how far apart you should plant certain seeds and they allow you to keep track of their growth until harvest time.


Pocket Garden is an application developed by @Media, a company that focuses on providing software that falls under the category of Reference, just as the aforementioned application. Even though the company has a lot of useful gardening guides to offer, they also got a few applications on photography, entertainment and productivity.

The iGarden USA application was developed by NanoSoft, LLC, a dedicated software company that has created and published only three iPhone applications so far, iGardern USA, iValidCard and MonsterLab HD. However, it is important to note that this developer has only been in business for two years.

Head2Head: A comparison of app features between Pocket Garden and iGarden USA

For starters, iGarden USA has a far better interface both from appearance and functionality points of view. While the background of the application contains a few shades of green and the writing is highly visible as the letters are white, what is great about this application is that you get to browse different fruits, trees or vegetables in an alphabetical order on the right side. Even though the interface of Pocket Garden is not that appealing, the truth is that this application contains a high amount of photos to compensate for the looks. However, although it does not include the pictures of the plants, the iGarden USA allows users to add the images of the plants they have in the garden.

What these applications have in common is the incredible amount of useful details regarding the proper growing of plants. From the appropriate climate to the best season, you will find out anything there is to know about how to prepare the soil, how to plant the seeds, how much water you should ensure the plants and even how far apart you should place them so that they take the best out of nutrients in the soil and water.

Due to the fact that a lot of customers filed complaints that they did not find some of the plants in their garden on the Pocket Garden application, now the developers have implemented an option that allows you to add new plant entries in the database. In addition, if you add the planting date in the Pocket Garden application, you will get a lot of useful information regarding the growth and harvesting process of the plant.

Well, the iGarden USA application is a bit more complex from this point of view, as its plant calendar allows you to add some extra info. In addition, this application also includes information regarding the pH of the soil, weather conditions and details pest problems and solutions.


Even though they include all this useful tips and information regarding gardening, the truth is that the customers did not enjoy or found them as useful as the manufacturers thought. Both applications got 2.5 out of 5 stars rating from the iTunes customers.


While both utilities do pretty much the same thing, you will be surprised to know that while the Pocket Garden costs $ 0.99; its counterpart is worth $4.99.

In a nutshell

The overall opinion about these applications is that they are quite simplistic and offer redundant information even for novice gardeners. Moreover, some customers have even complained that the applications do not contain dozens of herbs that they have been growing for years. Considering that they do not provide that many useful tips from most gardeners’ point of view and they can be considered a very interactive plant album and calendar, the final decision regarding the application you should make is the price. Frankly, the iGarden USA application is not worth that much.

Head2Head winner: Pocket Garden

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