toddler lockOverview of Toddler Lock

Are you annoyed when you are busy and your kids are playing with your phone making unwanted calls? Are you looking for an entertaining and fantastic app that will allow you to lock your phone? Don’t worry because the solution is here! Toddler Lock is a great tool that addresses this problem in a very ingenious way. It works by locking your smartphone so you don’t have to worry about your kids opening apps or messing with your smartphone. But this is not all! The colorful graphics and soothing sounds will keep your children entertained. The damage youngsters can do to your Android device disappears with this very handy tool! Let’s find out more about Toddler Lock and how it works.


Toddler Lock is a tool developed by Marco Nelissen. It’s an out of the box concept that works in a wonderful way. Basically, your Android device becomes a baby toy for your kids. The Android SDK was taken by the developer and he created something most people never would have thought to do. Toddler Lock is the only app developed by Marco Nelissen although you can find variation of this app on the Android Market such as Toddler Lock Halloween. Toddler Lock Halloween is a Halloween-themed version of the app. Entertainment in season style is the key word here. Toddler Lock is an excellent app with a strong and many people will find out that it is also a very useful idea. Let’s hope we will see more creativity like this in future apps from this developer.

Interface of Toddler Lock

You might be thrilled to know that Toddler Lock is a very easy to install Android app and the moment you start it, a black screen instantly pops in the front of your eyes. It is a very simple app that’s easy to use and set up. You need to set up a specific keycode on the keyboard in order to make the app function properly. Instructions to unlock the screen to shut off the app can be found on the top of the screen. The interface is clean, intuitive and easy to navigate. It will not pose any problems for the user and your kids will be playing with your phone in no time while you tend to your daily business. Overall, Toddler Lock is a simple and efficient app with its functionality-focused interface.

toddler lock

A quick look at its main features of Toddler Lock

  • Transform your smartphone into a baby toy for your children
  • Colorful graphics and soothing sounds
  • Fast & Responsive
  • Great UI
  • Different shapes and colors for your kids to learn
  • Airplane mode available
  • Not just for kids! Lock out other people from restricted content


Toddler Lock is a very interesting and useful app that will surely win your heart the moment you use it. Its main purpose is to keep your kids entertained with colorful graphics and lullaby sounds. In that way, your smartphone is protected from any damage your children could cause. The moment the screen is touched or pressed, you will see random colorful shapes and hear soothing sounds. The “Lock” part of the app is interesting because it works by refusing to do anything besides acting as a toy. Furthermore, 3 specific keyboard buttons must be pressed in unison in order to unblock the phone. Here’s a tip though: all the shapes/colors can be cleared with the Home button and everything will return to normal. It is needless to say that for mothers, fathers and grandparents, Toddler Lock is an absolute blast. In addition to protecting your phone from your kids, you can use Toddler Lock to restrict access to certain folders or applications. The 3 button combination must be customized and can be kept a secret in this case! Your work colleagues will never know what hit them.


Toddler Lock is a simple yet excellent app that works great. The graphics tend to get a bit repetitive after a few days so more models and patterns as well as more sounds would be very much appreciated. In spite of this minor annoyance, Toddler Lock performs faultlessly.

In a nutshell

All in all, Toddler Lock is the best tool of its kind in the Android market. Parents with kids will love it as it provides them a way to get on with their work without worrying that their little kids will mess up with their smartphone. Well, I would say that Toddler Lock is a win-win situation!

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