Overview of Plants vs Zombies versus Jason vs Zombies

If killing zombies is what players are after, then both these games set a platform for killing zombies in full vigor. While Plants vs Zombies poses a simpler interface and is actually more playful than deadly, it provides interesting challenges for the player. By contrast, Jason vs Zombies is clearly more mercenary and with the 3D effects, provides players with a more compelling platform of play.


Michael Sandt, the developer of Jason vs Zombies already has a reputation as a developer and has a total of 4 gaming apps available. This app however is the most intense of the lot, compared to the Baby Ninja apps which are adorable and fun. PopCap, the developer of Plants vs Zombies, an established mobile gaming apps developer which is recently purchased by Electronic Arts, has an excellent reputation among gamers for providing high impact, high entertainment games.

Head2Head: A comparison of app features between Plants vs Zombies and Jason vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies is a basic tower defense game where it is a battle against zombies that are interested in eating your brain, once they get into your home. The player will have the chance to choose plants that can be used as defenses, but must be careful about plant selection as certain plants don’t work with certain types of Zombies. And of course the player shall sow what he reaps. Players are provided with sunflower seeds and these must be planted to boost the source of energy, which is sunshine. The player therefore has access to sunshine as a source of power but has to also test his planting skills, and timing of this, in order to ensure that he has a constant power source.

What is very cool about this game is that while it isn’t all that hard to beat the zombies, it is about the variety of things that have to be done that make it the real challenge. After making it to the higher tiers, there is sill the Zen Garden, Tress of Wisdom and a host of mini games for entertainment. These include Invisighouls and Portal Kombat, and the icing on the cake is Vasebreaker where brain protection is the focus, and the ultimate, I, Zombie, wherein the player becomes the Zombie instead. The visuals are excellent and humorous and there are many little tricks that will leave players with a smile on their face. The focus is not so much on intensity; it is on fun.

By comparison, Jason vs Zombies seems like a more intense game. The player takes on the role of Jason (named after the key character in Friday the 13th but nothing like him) and is taken through five levels and missions that are quite challenging. Points are earned at each level by killing zombies and this also allows for the release of new weapons. In addition, there is a gory element as the player can earn extra point but cutting off the arms and heads of selected zombies with the weapons on hand.

In terms of visual impact, Jason vs Zombies would rank much higher than Plants in terms of the controls and performance, and the effect of the five levels which are in 3-D. With a total of 15 missions to save the world from zombies, Jason vs Zombies is aggressively armed to attack and there are some pretty amazing and funny animations that players should keep an eye out for. The game also has great sound effects so for players who immerse themselves in the game, headphones are in order. It is also possible to send scores to Facebook or Twitter, and there are more weapons that can be purchased via their InApp purchase shop.


While both are fantasy violence games, Plants vs Zombies appears to have a larger fan following compared to its zombie game counterpart. Honestly, when users rate games, it is much more on the fun factor rather than anything else. In essence, a game based on the zombies is meant to be a no-brainer and simply there to engage the player into killing and mutilating these zombies.


Plants vs Zombies goes for $2.99 while Jason vs Zombies is free.

In a nutshell

For fantasy violence games, both these games are attractive. For the more intense player, Jason vs Zombies would be the all encompassing game and the fact that is it free makes it even more attractive, although do note that there are InApp purchases that can be made for a greater arsenal. Plants vs Zombies is lighter and provides more humor based fun for the quick fingered player. It might seem like a tough call here but I do really enjoy my Sundays bashing up those zombies without thinking that much so fun reigns for me in this clash!

Head2Head winner: Plants vs Zombies

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