Overview of Planisphere versus Pocket Universe

Ever dreamed about keeping the heavens in your pocket? Well, the next astronomy apps for your iPhone will make your wish come true! It also helps that these astronomy apps are very cool any night spent gazing at the stars with your loved one will be a whole lot better! Planisphere and Pocket Universe are our two astronomy apps that will go head to head in a fierce competition that can only have one survivor! Both apps offer you a detailed map of the night sky and sport lots of useful features that will help you if you ever plan to take a trip into the stars. Let’s analyze their feature in this quick article and decide which one can destroy its competition better!


Planisphere is developer by Horsham Online Limited; a company specialized in the development of apps for the iPhone and Mac. Honorable mentions of other software developed by Horsham Online Limited for the iPhone and Mac include the following apps: Mars Atlas, Moon Atlas, Zone Warrior, Mercury Atlas, Apollo Eagle and much more. On the other hand, Craic Design is the developer of Pocket Universe, an app that is also available on the iPod Touch and iPad. As you already noticed, the developers of both apps are relatively unknown unless of course you’re an astronomy fanatic! However, they soon should appear in the public’s eye as astronomy apps these days are fast gaining popularity.

Head2Head: A comparison of app features between Planisphere and Pocket Universe

You will be pleasantly surprised by the fact that the GPS features of your iPhone are used in order for Pocket Universe to find out your exact location as your iPhone is pointed skyward. It is a really nice feature that works great. You will be able to see the sky as it appears above your head. Simple as that! Whole constellations, planets, bright stars and Messier objects can be observed and you can also learn a little bit about them through the explanatory texts. Keep in mind the fact that since it knows your location, the app is pretty accurate in its representation of celestial objects.

On the other hand, all 88 constellations and their boundaries can be viewed through Planishpere. In addition, the Sun, Moon, planets, 9096 naked eye stars, the Messier deep sky catalogue and the now dwarf planet Pluto can all be observed too! It is a very good astronomy reference tool and functionality is a breeze with this one! Basically, Planisphere is a map of the sky. Both apps offer you the heavens and stars but which one is more fun and easy to use?

In this regard, you should be happy to find out that Planisphere uses pinch and finger gestures that allow you to manipulate the night’s sky. You can zoom in to achieve finer detail or double tap for more information. What is more, a very useful “night light” function is implemented by Planisphere. As a result, a reddish tint is given to the app, making it easier to see at night. Pocket Universe offers a similar feature through the night vision mode as bright whites in the interface are replaced with deep reds. In addition, you can also focus on the brightest stars by adjusting the faintest stars that the Pocket Universe should display.

Note that the Tonight’s Sky report of Pocket Universe is excellent as you can plan out your star gazing sessions because you will be informed about the stars you will be able to observe in a certain night.


Planisphere is rated 4+ while Pocket universe enjoys the same rating of 4+ on the iTunes app store. Garnering a feel from the users’ reviews and feedback, we can clearly see that there isn’t a clear fan favorite as opinions are mixed. Both apps are greatly appreciated.


At the moment, Planisphere is priced at $0.99 on the App Store while Pocket Universe can be acquired at the price of $2.99.

In a nutshell

All in all, who do you think is the winner of our showdown? Well, I think you pretty much know the answer by now and that is – Pocket Universe. It boasts many killer features and you should be sure that it will ignite your interest in the night’s sky!

Head2Head winner: Pocket Universe

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