Overview of Trapster

You’ve got to love this app. For speed junkies who derive the greatest pleasure charging along highways and byways whether in cars or on bikes, this app is a God-sent. Built on a community of people determined to avoid speed traps and other road hazards (yes, Mr Policeman, a speed trap is a road hazard), this app will send out alerts of these specific highlights to your mobile device. With more than 12.25 million users registered worldwide according to its website, Trapster is quickly becoming one of those must-have apps if you own a vehicle capable of speed. The best part is that this app can be used anywhere! If you have moral issues with this app, and believe that it could be the harbinger of doom on the highway, think again. Since this connects user-to-user, it is a platform for instant communication between road users and the fact is that if warned of a speed trap or speed camera, we all slow down. Isn’t that what was intended by Mr Policeman in the first place?


Created by Pete Tenerillio, the objective of this app is to warn road-users about speed traps, speed cameras and other traffic hazards. This app combines technologies that allow for integration with GPS, wireless location, geocoding and SMS amongst other technology tools. It should be emphasized that the while the purpose of this app is to assist road-users to keep each other aware of road conditions and hazards, it is also recognized that by providing this real time service, it can and will make the roads safer for use and make drivers more alert.


Once the app has been installed, you will need to choose the map for the area that you most frequently travel and this will be installed on your device. These maps are provided courtesy of Google and Yahoo, and you can customize it even further in order to receive alerts. By default the alerts are color coded with red identifying the highest type of alerts of course. The alert works within a 4-mile radius. The alerts are set up to either provide you with an audio signal or a vibrate signal or a pop-up on your mobile screen. The rationale for the first two of course is that you will not be able to drive and view the device at the same time. Such alerts will occur when you are within a 0.3-mile radius of the hazard and it is then possible for you to take the necessary steps to slow down or move around the obstacle in that area.

A quick look at the main features of Trapster

  • Allows you to select the relevant map for the area that you will be driving through
  • Allows you to color code your alerts according to your personal preference
  • Provides both audio and visual alerts
  • Uses Google and Yahoo maps as its reference
  • You have a choice of voices that you could install to get the alerts
  • Your position will be visible on the map and this can also be used as a location guide
  • It’s free!

Pros of Trapster

This app has given a whole new meaning to the idea of avoiding speed traps and traffic obstacles. The fact that it is available worldwide and can be adjusted according to location is particularly meaningful for the regular traveler. The reliability of the location setters is also good bearing in mind that Google and Yahoo are used as the map references. Easy to register for and install, this app does not waste time and gets directly to the point in terms of functionality.


The biggest risk, if it can be considered that, is the reliability of the information provided. Since Trapster does not itself have a team of people updating the alerts, you will be relying solely on the truth of information provided by other users. At the end of the day though, it is unlikely that it will cause fundamental damage even in instances where the other users are less than truthful, as it will simply mean that you will slow down and pay greater attention to the road.

In a nutshell

An absolute must-have for all speed demons and for people who want to plan their routes daily. The fact that there is a community of people all over the world interested in avoiding speed traps say many things about the system of regulation and control of traffic but that is another whole new story. Since this is a free app, and one that you can choose to contribute to by providing updates of your own, it may be an interesting exercise to join a community focused on one goal – to avoid making Mr Policeman’s day!

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