Overview of Viigo

Viigo had a pretty fantastic evolution through the years. Since its early days, the main focus was on news and blog feeds and now has matured by providing much more information from a myriad of topics such as sports, weather, entertainment, flight status and financial news. Everything you want to know is provided at your fingertips by Viigo. Fun and useful, Viigo is an app for the BlackBerry platform and many users claim that it is one of the best apps you can find! It has certainly won the awards for the most complete RSS reader for the BlackBerry platform. Do you want to find out more about Viigo, its features and what makes it so loved among its users? Let’s kick it off!


Developed by Viigo Inc, Viigo is an application which allows its users immediate access to information that they have subscribed on. Just subscribe to the information you want to know and this app will keep you updated all day long. Until 2010, Viigo Inc was specialized in the development of BlackBerry applications. Then, in 2010, the privately held Toronto based company, was acquired by Research In Motion, the developer of the Blackberry smartphone. RIM is certainly one of the biggest players in the industry with a market share of 10.4% in the smartphones market. Other honorable mentions of software developed Research in Motion include the BlackBerry 6 OS, BlackBerry Protect, Early Adopter Program and all sorts of apps from domains such as sports, GPS navigation, lifestyle and more. Their wide ranging products are available online on the BlackBerry App World store. Their acquisition of Viigo Inc certainly benefited the app as Viigo became better with more functionalities and features.


Right as you start Viigo, you will see why it enjoys such popularity among BlackBerry users. It boasts a clean and pleasant interface with a good design that makes reading your favorite news a fun task. Everything that interests you is displayed in the same UI. Forget about navigating multiple mobile sites to read all your content! The virtually instantaneous navigation makes reading news in Viigo a pleasure. Several options such as send an article via an e-mail or posting it on Twitter are done with relative ease due to the colorful icons and pop-up menu. Overall, Viigo benefits from an excellent interface.

A quick look at the main features of Viigo

  • Ability to subscribe to your favorite news channels
  • Stay up to date on local events such as live concerts, theater events, sport events
  • Monitor your favorite team with news sports from all over the world
  • Access to local weather reports
  • You can synchronize it to your Google Reader account

Pros of Viigo

Viigo is a very useful application that helps you stay up to date with a thorough menu of RSS feeds. You are provided with the latest headlines from local interests, news, entertainment, sports, weather, politics and finance. As a result, a rich array of web content and services is accessed by you right from your mobile phone. The content is loaded in the background and it stays put on the device. A list of your active channels is shown on your homepage the first time the app is launched. Keep in mind that any dynamic web content you subscribe to such as blog posts, stock prices, weather information, or general news feeds is considered a channel. Don’t worry though if you are intimidated by the multitude of available channels because a default list of starter channels is given to you by Viigo. Furthermore, custom feeds lists from Google Reader, Bloglines, and My Yahoo accounts are also imported by the app. Other useful feature of Viigo is the fact that you can send the article via e-mail or Twitter. The stories you already read are grayed out and all stories in a particular category can be marked as read too. The ability to save or delete items as well as navigate to the next or previous item is an extremely useful tool.


Being an ad-supported app, there are ads at the top of each page and some users may consider them intrusive. Viigo can also be rather slow at time and not that snappy and responsive.

In a nutshell

All in all, Viigo is an excellent BlackBerry app that anyone with an interest in pure news and blog posts reads via RSS will love it. The amount of channels you can subscribe to and the amount of info you can receive on your mobile phone is simply unbeatable!

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