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As new pills and treatment methods are constantly being developed, medical personal has to put in a lot of time and effort to keep their info up to date. As this necessity becomes painfully obvious, iPhone applications like Medscape and Epocrates came along to bridge the gap. The main function of these applications was to enhance the access of medical personal to an extensive list of pills and drugs, conditions, medical news, procedures and protocol. Needless to say, these programs have simplified the life of physicians and nurses everywhere by a great deal. Let us examine the features these two freeware applications can provide in order to choose the winner.


Epocrates Inc was founded back in 1998 and since then has provided a wide range of solution for nearly one point three million customers working as medical personal. The company is working closely several major healthcare corporations and pharmaceutical companies in order to offer up to date information proficient services. On the other hand, the Medscape iPhone application has been designed by WebMD, an award winning online company with a high number of professional journalists and medical personnel on its payroll. The portal, as well as the application itself provides expert-level content regarding drugs, treatments and conditions, as well as extensive hospital, pharmacy and physician directories.

Head2Head: A comparison of app features between Medscape and Epocrates

The Medscape iPhone application has a lot more features incorporated than Epocrates. While both utilities are initially free, Epocrates enables users to upgrade to a paid version in order to take full advantage of the medical dictionary, guide to lab testing and data interpretation, extensive lists of treatment with proven results and so on. However, the application is constantly pestering people that use the free version to upgrade, even after they have declined several times. However, Medscape is completely free of charge and the freeware version includes all the features of that the paid Epocrates version and more.

Another advantage Medscape has over Epocrates comes from the daily newsletter, comprising of the most important report in over thirty areas of expertise. Whatever field of medicine they work in, Medscape users will always stay up to date with the critical breakthroughs. In addition, medical personnel can earn credits by using Medscape.

The drug references and interactions lists of both applications seem to be equally extensive. However, Epocrates has an incorporated pill recognition feature, giving it a bit of edge over Medscape at this category. Every so often, a will encounter patients that simply cannot remember what type of medication they took, as the pill they bring to your office is not inscribed. However, with the Epocrates pill recognition, the problem is eliminated from the start.

Both the Epocrates and Medscape updates are free of charge and are performed on a constant basis, providing you have access to the internet. Before you can start using either program, you will need to register a free account on their website. However, Medscape presents potential customers with the possibility of testing out the application for twenty-four hours without creating an account.


Even though Epocrates has been on the market quite a bit longer than Medscape, the public opinion clearly favors the second one. Epocrates has only managed to earn 3 out of a possible 5 stars on the iTunes store while Medscape is the proud owner of 4 out of a possible 5 stars. In addition, the number of downloads for Medscape is significantly higher. While even the free version of Epocrates is decent, many customers are put off by the aggravating requests of upgrading to the paid version.


Medscape is a completely free of charge program with no hidden fees and it does not have a superior paid version. On the other hand, while Epocrates does have a freeware version, its features are limited and customers are always bothered by the reminder to upgrade it to the full version; paid one.

In a nutshell

Medscape and Epocrates are both valuable additions to the arsenal of medical personnel, but in this comparison, the clear winner is Medscape. Not only does this application have a great deal more features, but it is also entirely free and it comes with a daily newsletter. To sum it up, it provides versatility and proficiency free of charge!

Head2Head winner: Medscape

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