Overview of Top2Move

Want to take a walk in the mountains and never get lost? Now it’s possible! With Top2Move you will never get lost thanks to its route navigation stored in its system that will help you in your environment activities. It is a Symbian phone app for bikers, hikers, outdoor activities and even marine environment. Top2Move is an application that includes a cartographic navigational map that was developed especially for activities such as sailing, hiking, skiing and biking. You are allowed even to plan your routes and then share them online or using SMS.


The developer of Top2Move is NTM Technologies, a company that is very dynamic and progresses from a technological point of view every day. They are capable to create new and innovative products due to their know-how and knowledge. All these are possible, thanks to their expertise and experience in different technologies. NTM Technologies are making tailor products for personal and business applications. The company also sees the control and security playing an important role for the future. Other products beside the Top2Move application are tracking device with GPS for personal safety, vehicle tracking and asset tracking, products for mobile security and location based on services.


Being an easy to use app, Top2Move helps you never get lost out there in the world. Having included a system for track recording and features to locate your position your outdoor activities will be more overwhelming and interesting. Top2Move, a cartographic navigational map, comes with maps having properties with high definition for every location that you install separately. The maps are coming with a scale 1: 10,000 and you can easily switch to other locations in your map. You can either use the application as it is or use its functions being helped by the module of the GPS that creates Tracks and Points. The map for every region comes with 2 files that have to be put in the given location. After you select from the main menu one of the installed maps you can start your outdoor adventure.

A quick look at the main features of Top2Move

  • Features for positioning your exact location
  • System for track recording
  • Waypoints and Tracks
  • Drive function
  • You can send your position to another Top2Move user
  • Makes visible your motion
  • Online planner for routes

Pros of Top2Move

With Top2Move, you will be discovering new places never imagined by you. Now, thanks to this app, you will always find your way. It has a system for track recording build in and features for positioning you. After you created and recorded your routes made by your desire you can then exchange them through “Routecrawler”, an online service, or using the messaging system. Every time you will be in motion the map will be moving on your phone screen too. And in order to avoid getting lost, your track will be marked on the digital map with a plotting trail. Want to make your own routes? Very easy! All you will have to do is to connect points to each other. If you want you can save your created routes and then exchange them with other users of Top2Move. Or if you encountered places you like and want to share with others you will be able to do that by using SMS and showing them your discovered locations. Maybe you want to explore your tracks up front? This is possible too thanks to the track player included in the app that will allow you to playback created, recorded and loaded routes. Top2Move is the first app in the world that is utilizing maps with high definition. More detailed and sharpen views are offered by HD map.


The only inconvenient of this is the fact that it is not free and it is around 30 Euros. The only good thing is that you can purchase the add-on ski pack for free, but the rest of the packs unfortunately not. And you are not allowed to try the trial because it doesn’t have one. You must buy it and then try it and see what the app can do.

In a nutshell

Thanks to its features such as creating Waypoints and Tracks and having an unique service Top2Move is aiming in providing special experiences for hikers, bikers, swimmers and other outdoor lovers. And thanks to its capability to add new hundreds of packs for different regions, it makes it so worthwhile for any Symbian user out there. You should certainly try it!

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