Overview of Instagram versus PhotoPad

The PhotoPad and the Instagram are both free applications that you can use to modify, crop and edit all your favorite pictures. More exactly, these applications will allow you to correct the color on the picture, add special effects, add texting, rotate the picture, draw or sketch people, animals or objects and have access to almost all the options you can normally use only on advance PC photo editing software.

Any iPhone owner knows about the importance of having a photo editing software on their mobile that allows them to adjust and customize their pictures. In fact, such a software application is a necessity for all devices that contain a camera. These utilities are fun to have whenever you are on a trip and you want to share your vacation memories with your friends.


PhotoPad is a software application designed by ZAGG Inc, an electronics and software developer that is committed to offering the public new ways of improving their gadget experience. By designing two revolutionary technologies for mobile applications, ZAGG is one of the few companies that will make a difference in the way people think of and perceive their gadgets.

Instagram is a photo editing utility developed by Burbn Inc, which is one of the companies that create innovative technologies based on what people find fun in general. The experts at Burbn Inc have been interested in photography all their lives, as one of their main software, Instagram, is a metaphor that inspires simple ways of sharing experiences and moments instantly.

Head2Head: A comparison of app features between Instagram and PhotoPad

The major advantage of Instagram over PhotoPad is that the first application is able to incorporate almost the entire functionality and editing features of the Photopad. While PhotoPad includes all the basic settings a novice photographer would need to make corrections and adjustments to his favorite pictures, Instagram includes top-notch filters and borders that allow further customizations and modifications to all pictures.

Moreover, while PhotoPad only allows the user to email photos to their friends and that implies some loading wait time, with Instagram everything is instant and unlimited. Taking into account that anyone can make fast adjustment and then easily upload them on their profiles, one can even go as far to say that this application stands out because of the simplistic and almost zero effort you need to make in order to get a professional result.

Another great feature of the Instagram is that it is compatible with all generations of iPhones, including iPhone 4. Therefore, if you want to make some adjustments to 3D photos, then this is the right tool for the job. On the other hand, it is important to note that PhotoPad includes an award-winning technology, the ZAGGskins from invisibleSHIELD. While it is true that you can create amazing backgrounds and desktops with Instagram, they will not be as professional as the ones that can be obtained using PhotoPad. The ZAGGskins technology implies that the user can create custom skins by uploading any of his pictures and applying it on how many photos you like afterwards. In addition, this innovative technology allows the user to browse through various already made skins on the official website.


While the PhotoPad received 4 out of 5 stars rating from photo editing application enthusiasts, the Instagram is one of the few software utilities that received the maximum score. If you think about it, the rating is perfectly explicable, as while PhotoPad focuses on adding a lot of photo-editing features and options, Instagram provides support for 3D iPhone cameras and allows you to update the pictures on various social networks.


Both applications can be downloaded free of charge from the iTunes website.

In a nutshell

While it is true that PhotoPad allows users to email pictures to their friends, the Instagram does more than that as you can instantly share pictures on Posterous, Flickr, Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook. In addition, Instagram is compatible with all iPhone generations and provides support for 3D photos specific to the iPhone 4 mobiles. Moreover, it does not limit the number of uploads one can make and it is more interactive than PhotoPad, as you can place comments underneath all your photos and add likes.

Head2Head winner: Instagram

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