Overview of Handcent SMS

Are you looking for something to stylize your messages? You found it! Handcent SMS is an Android app that has the power to unleash your iPhone. It has full support for SMS & MMS and it also has options that allow you to customize your messages and includes even different styles and power functions (speak SMS, search SMS, T9, SMS popup). Handcent SMS gives you many capabilities for your text messaging. Sending and receiving texts from the full app, sending and saving contents from your mms like picture messages, adding your signature in the text, searching texts, changing the theme in the one you want, all this and many other features are provided to you by this app.


Handcent SMS, an app that helps you communicate better, was developed by Handcent Software. The company (founded in 2008) consists of a team of designers for smartphones. There is not much information available on the developers but based on their constant improvements; we know that the developers do not take this product lightly. In fact, the Handcent SMS app has over than 20 different versions being improved every single time.


Handcent SMS offers you cool new options and features for messages and as a result, it will help you communicate better. The interface of this app is very attractive having a default setting that looks just like the one on Apple’s iPhone (actually it will either annoy or please you). If it’s far from what you wished, you can always switch your Android iPhone to another theme that you like most. Your text messages look like bubbles, making it much easier for you to follow the conversation. You want to decide to call the person you chat with? No problem! Using the button on the top of the messaging screen you will be allowed to call the person. Just a click away!

A quick look at the main features of Handcent SMS

  • Lot of capabilities for text messaging
  • SMS Pop up
  • MMS
  • T9
  • Text signature
  • Notifications for Android

Pros of Handcent SMS

I can safely say that Handcent SMS (thanks to its features) is among the most appreciated apps on the market. You can choose how your MMS and SMS messages will look like by simply changing the familiar “bubble” format layout to an Android default that is more formal. You can use the font you like most and maybe you can apply a background wallpaper that is more suitable for you in order to stimulate your vision. By opening the Handcent SMS on your own phone, you will see a contact list that Handcent borrowed from your Android manager contact. You will then either choose a contact that you already have and start a conversation, either start a new messaging session with someone new by hitting a button that is on the top of the phone screen.

The app allows you to put alongside the person you have a conversation with, a photo of him or her, thus giving it a more personal touch. The notifications that are provided by Handcent SMS are among the best among its rivals. The SMS pop up will appear on the screen divulging the content of the text message. Before perusing the content of a message you will know who tried to contact you thanks to the different tones of the notifications that you can assign for each person. Another advantage of this app is that you can easily convert into MMS the messages that have a length bigger than 3 SMS messages or more. This option is automatically included. Another great feature is the text signature giving you the benefit of making your messages more personal. If you are interested in ads, you will find them on the bottom of the Settings page but don’t worry because you will not get distracted by them.


It’s a very good and easy to use Android app but if I have to say what is bothering me, I would say the size limit for the multimedia files transfer is a real downside. The size limitation is so strict that even when you try sending MP3 files that are very small, you encounter a problem – getting immediately an error message.

In a nutshell

On the whole, Handcent SMS is a wonderful and easy to use app that makes your messages and conversations even better than before. You will now be able to customize your conversations and message sessions the way you like. I advise all those who are obsessed by messaging to procure this application for their Android gadget and you’ll simply fall in love with it!

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