Overview of the SanDisk 32GB MicroSD Card

The SanDisk 32GB MicroSD card is one of the latest products released by SanDisk that is able to provide the current maximum amount of storage available for its category. Thanks to the multilayer technology, the storage capacity has doubled from its 16GB predecessor. The memory chips are stored in a vertical position on this card and the memory component is about 32 nanometers big.

The SanDisk 32GB MicroSD card only weights about 0.5 grams, which makes it one of the marvels of current storage technology. However, it is speculated that the MicroSD technology has reached its peak with this card, thus the future storage devices will have a completely different architecture. As far as the transfer rate is concerned, the SanDisk 32GB MicroSD card is a class 2, meaning that the medium read speed will not exceed 12 mbps, while the write speed will hover at around 5-7 mbps. While there are several class 6 memory cards available, none of them can provide the same memory capacity and most phones are not able to use the full benefits of a class 6 card’s speed. Furthermore, the HD recording technology does not need more than a class 2 MicroSD card to function correctly.


Dr. Eli Harari founded SanDisk in 1988 and since then, the company has grown to be one of the largest suppliers of memory cards in the world. Being one of the market leaders in this domain, SanDisk has issued license agreements to several other companies, allowing them to develop their technology. At the moment, this California based company has over two hundred forty thousand retail stores in various parts of the world. While SanDisk is best known for their high quality memory cards, they also design and manufacture various other electronics such as digital cameras, smartphones, audio and video players, as well as many others. Therefore, a genuine SanDisk product is guaranteed to be of top notch quality and resilient product with an innovative design.

A quick look at the main features of the SanDisk 32GB MicroSD Card

  • Can store up to 32GB of data on your smartphone or camera
  • It weights approximately 0.5 grams
  • The SanDisk 32GB MicroSD card is a class 2 memory card
  • Memory read speed is around 12 mbps, while write speed is approximately 5-7 mbps

Pros of the SanDisk 32GB MicroSD Card

This card is an excellent storage medium for a large quantity of multimedia data. The memory write and speed is approximately two times the guaranteed transfer rate of a class 2 card, thus it exceeds the memory class limitations. What is great is that you can simply plug this plug and play memory card in your smartphone and it will be acknowledged instantaneously. With this card, you will eliminate the need of carrying your camera or mp3 player around simply because you feel that the memory capacity of your smartphone is limited. Furthermore, the SanDisk 32GB MicroSD card is compatible with Windows 7, thus giving it access to a completely new list of features. Overall, even though it is slightly more expensive, this memory card is worth its price.


Formatting the SanDisk 32GB MicroSD card cannot be done on any other operating system other than Windows 7 due to compatibility issues. Therefore, you should ensure that your smartphone or camera is operating on Windows 7 before purchasing the card. Furthermore, some people have been complaining about the class 2 memory speed. However, there are very few smartphones models that have a higher transfer rate. Therefore, rest assured that this card will not slow down your phone in any way.


While customers that have purchased a genuine SanDisk 32GB MicroSD card have been rather pleased with the product, some people have been the victim of scams. The online environment is home to a large number of fraudulent businesses regardless of the domain. In the case of this 32GB MicroSD cards, there have been several reports from customers who purchased them from a less than reputable source only to end up with 2GB card over-inflated to 32 GB with the help of a software application. Therefore, people have become slightly reluctant to purchasing a SanDisk 32GB MicroSD card. However, when you order this card from one of the accredited retailers, you have no reason to worry that the card may not be genuine.

In a nutshell

The SanDisk 32GB MicroSD card represents the latest advancement in the field of data storage. Although it only weighs 0.5 grams, the MicroSD card can contain all the music, pictures or videos you need. Furthermore, the card’s data transfer rate is quite high for a class 2. Therefore, if you have the money, you should not hesitate in purchasing the SanDisk 32GB MicroSD card.

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