Overview of Quick Office

Quick Office is an excellent iPhone app that allows users to edit, view and create Microsoft Office documents. In the handhelds category, it must be said that it is the largest Office suite. So what sort of documents types is supported? You should be happy to know that Quick Office works with both Excel and Word files and a way to link to a desktop or MobileMe iDisk is also provided. The lack of PowerPoint compatibility is a bit disappointing, especially for those iPhone users that worked with Quick Office on other platforms. However, Quick Office is a powerful app that boasts many useful features. So does Quick Office matches up to its claims? Let’s analyze its features and see how it all pans out.


Quick Office is a complete solution for editing, formatting, sharing and transferring word and Excel documents developed by Quickoffice, Inc. They are developing for mobile devices worldwide and are present in more than 150 countries. Providing the highest quality office software available to mobile platforms, Quickoffice, Inc. is targeting not only the iPhone as they also develop tools for the BlackBerry, Symbian and Android OS. Other honorable mentions of software developed by Quickoffice, Inc. include Adobe Reader LE 2.5, SPB tools like Mobile Shell, Time and more for the Symbian as well as a Quick Office version for the iPad and Android smartphones. Their Quick Office development for the iPhone is very important because any business professional on the go instantly realized that Quick Office is a necessity. Powerful, functional yet easy to use, Quick Office is a high-quality productivity application. Quick Office works as a standalone tool as you don’t need to install any third-party software. The 6 fully-integrated modules allow you to view and edit documents and all this is done through a browser file transfer.


Being an easy to use app, Quick Office boasts an intuitive user interface that you will surely get the hang of immediately. The placement of the icons and menus makes good sense and allows for a smooth navigation. The process of transferring from your computer and back is done very quickly and all in all it is simply summed up into one word – seamless. In a nutshell, the interface of Quick Office is clean, easy to navigate and it is certainly one of the main strengths of the app.

A quick look at the main features of Quick Office

  • Open, Create& Edit Word documents with ease
  • Use Wi-Fi for the transfer of desktop files
  • Advanced Notepad Editor
  • MobileMe® iDisk® accounts can be accessed remotely
  • Email files directly via iPhone
  • Able to mount your device as a drive

Pros of Quick Office

A personal office within your iPhone through Quickoffice can be easily created. All your office documents that you organize can be edited, saved and emailed regardless of your location. In essence, Quick Office represents a fully-featured Office application. Quickword, a word document processing tool that offers all the standard word processor functions is provided by Quick Office. Text formatting – font size, bold, italics, underline and styles, auto capitalization, auto-correction, word count, paragraph styling and alignment, bullets and find text are just some of the major features of this tool. The ability to wrap text at any zoom level is one of the key features of this app. As a result, left and right paragraph scrolling is out of the question and reading becomes easier. However, the Quicksheet is one of the most advanced aspects of Quick Office. Basically, it is an advanced Excel spreadsheet editor that allows the editing of all your spreadsheets directly from your iPhone. Support for hundreds of Excel and table Math functions coupled with the editing in landscape mode make this tool one of the standout features in Quick Office.


So does Quick Office have any limitation? Well, there are certain aspects that can certainly be improved. Firstly, being on the same Wi-Fi segment is crucial because the data transfer depends on it. There are places where limit sharing is limited so direct connection may suffer from this and be prohibited. Secondly, we surely hope to see support for PowerPoint files in the near future.

In a nutshell

All in all, Quick Office is an excellent and powerful iPhone application. Continuous and convenient access of your office files is ensured through its use and it is our tool of choice when dealing with editing and viewing of documents. It is an excellent choice, especially for businessmen who are always on the fly. Home users will also enjoy Quick Office though due to its excellent features.

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