Overview of ConvertMe

Are you looking for a unit convertor app for the Android? ConvertMe is a very handy app with useful features. It is much more than just a currency convertor though. A tip calculator and a unit convertor are also implemented in this Android app. All these features all rolled into one! It is a comprehensive app and it uses complex calculations and conversions. In spite of this, don’t worry – It is easy to use and intuitive. But there’s more! Don’t you hate it when you shop online and you get confused by the various sizes of the clothes? Well, you should be happy to find out that ConvertMe address this problem too. Let’s find out more about ConvertMe and its features in this review.


Developed by Defiant Technologies, ConvertMe is a very useful app that deals with various conversions in order to make your life easier. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, they are a small company specialized in data recovery, digital forensics and general software architecture. All their products boast simple and intuitive interfaces that have helped many millions of people worldwide. Their most popular product is called DiskDigger and it can be used in many situations such as when you format your memory card or delete your thesis by accident. You can recover them with DiskDigger. Their development of ConvertMe is important because it represents their first app for the Android market. They have certainly succeeded as ConvertMe provides its users with the same easy to navigate interface and great functionality features that have become staples of their work. Let’s hope we will see more Android apps from them in the near future!



ConvertMe is an Android app that features a great navigation experience. Boasting great functionality without compromising casual users, ConvertMe is certainly a winner. The interface is clean and simple without any unnecessary bells and rings. There are three tabs on top: Measure, Clothes and Settings. The interface provides you with many measures such as acceleration, angles, area, currency, data storage and lots more. Converting from and to is a very simple task. The Clothes tab has categories such as Men’s Shoes, T-Shirts, Stockings and much more. Overall, the simple interface works great for ConvertMe.

A quick look at the main features of ConvertMe

  • Currency converter
  • Unit converter
  • Tip calculator
  • Support for 16 languages
  • Many more units of measurements the average person doesn’t even have a clue about
  • Simple and easy to use

Pros of ConvertMe

ConvertMe is an excellent app that boasts more than 1500 units across more than 65 categories. Many tedious conversions can be done in the blink of an eye with this simple tool. Let’s list some of these categories. You should be happy to find out that Volume, Area, Speed, Weight, Temperature, Clothing, Data Storage are just a few of the conversions you can make. In addition, complex calculations and conversions like Angle, Area and Current are also provided by ConvertMe. Other features and interesting aspects is the fact that you can find out, for example, just how concentrated a solution is or calculate all sorts of acceleration measurements.

Furthermore, a function that converts the size of clothes and shoes is implemented into this Android app and it proves very useful if you are the kind of person who shops online or overseas. With the great support for 16 languages, ConvertMe becomes a multilingual utility that is of great help to everyone. Students, teachers, businessmen and everyone who needs a quick conversion can benefit from this handy Android app. Other features include the search by text function and an invert conversion button.


ConvertMe is an excellent Android app with more features and conversion categories than most people would ever need. It simply works without a flaw so if I have to be a little fussy, I will point out that the interface itself could be coming in richer colors or in an overall better design. Right now, it looks a little old school, design wise.

In a nutshell

All in all, ConvertMe works on every level it claims to perform. You are provided with a unit converter, a currency converter and a tip calculator, all rolled into one attractive package. With more than 1500 different types of units, you can tell that this app means business. It is a very handy utility that also boasts a clean and easy to navigate interface. Many people from all sorts of domains will find it useful as its usage is only limited by your imagination.

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