Overview of ESPN Scorecenter versus Sportacular Free and Pro

The ESPN ScoreCenter and the Sportacular both provide quite useful information for sports fans everywhere. Regardless of whether you enjoy NBA, soccer, football or NHL, with any of these applications, you can be sure that you will always be updated with all the details of important championships and matches. Both iPhone applications allow the users to set up game reminders, receive updates regarding the current score and the development of a match and find out the final score, immediately after the game is over.

Moreover, the ESPN ScoreCenter allows the user to read deep news and game analysis from dozens of sports 24/7, thanks to the ESPN sports staff at work. On the other hand, the Sportacular application is one great tool that allows the user to connect and comment the games via various social networks, share reactions, opinions and even make predictions regarding the results of the ongoing or future games.


Sportacular is the end result of a developer that focused on creating all sorts of sports related applications, Citizen Sports Inc. The main policy of the developer is to allow people to spend more time with their friends, as you can connect via a specialized hub or various socialization networks and keep in touch with fans and friends throughout the game.

Similar to Sportacular, the ESPN ScoreCenter application belongs to a manufacturer that specializes in creating games and sports applications, ESPN Inc. ESPN is a well-known and reputable name in the sports news field and you can be sure that all the information you receive via their application is prompt and objective.

Head2Head: A comparison of app features between ESPN Scorecenter and Sportacular Free and Pro

Both applications provide live scores and comments from over one hundred tournaments across the globe, including the European soccer leagues, Champions League, gold tournaments, tennis, cricket, rugby, NFL, NBA, NASCAR, Formula 1 and so on. However, while the ESPN ScoreCenter requires the user to push the “scoring alerts” command to view all the results for the entire season, the Sportacular does more than that, as it lets users predict the outcomes of a game.

One of the great features of the ScoreCenter is that it allows customization and hence, the users will have access to scoreboards and details in the way they prefer. In addition, similar to Sportacular, this application allows you to follow your favorite teams regardless of where you are. On the other hand, the Sportacular permits the users to create special custom groups for a faster and easier access to the information regarding their favorite teams and athletes.

However, the best features of the Sportacular is that it allows users to connect and comment the outcomes, scores and the action of the game via Facebook, Twitter or the Citizen Sports Hub. Therefore, you and your friends can cheer for your team along with the other fans during games, creating the impression that in a way you are an actual spectator in the stands.


Surprisingly for some people, the in-depth and objective sports news analyses does not seem to impress a lot of iPhone users, as the ESPN ScoreCenter received only 3.5 out of 5 stars rating on the iTunes website. The possibility to connect and share reactions with all the fans of your favorite teams and athletes is what sports fans are really looking for, hence the 4.5 out of 5 stars rating for the Sportacular application.


The ESPN ScoreCenter is free of charge when you download it from the iTunes website. While you can get the Sportacular free of charge as well, you should know that there is also a paid version. With only 1.99 dollars, you will no longer see any ads or commercials when you open the application.

In a nutshell

While it is very interesting to receive news regarding what a team could have done or should have done from the experts’ point of view, the truth is that in the end, people prefer to watch and comment the games of your favorite teams and athletes with your own friends in your own language. Sharing your opinions and connection with the fans of your favorite teams and players across the globe is a unique experience that can only be attained via the Sportacular application.

Head2Head winner: Sportacular Free and Pro

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