Overview of Fund Fixer

Financial apps are very popular as they are thoroughly utilized by the iPhone users. More and more people need their finances monitored, whether we’re talking about everyday spending or check balances, the stock market or money transfers. Fund Fixer is a very useful financial iPhone app that helps your review your funds. For example, you have a 40-year investment and you want to know how much you can cut off. Fund Fixer is the answer as it precisely informs you so that you will be able to make the correct decision. The ability to perform as well as they can of your funds is critical and Fund Fixer helps answer this important question. It is a jam-packed with features for an iPhone app that you can use to help your friends as well in making an informed decision. They will surely be grateful to you when you will sort them though a tough investment decision. Let’s analyze the features of Fund Fixer and find out more about this excellent financial iPhone app.


Fund Fixer is developed by Hanover Technology Group, a Hanover, New Hampshire based company. Business databases, web sites and data analysis systems are built by this successful company. Beside Fund Fixer, they have lots of tools developed. Their past projects include an eBook creation system, ETF AP Trading Platform, a PGP/SSL Secure Messaging Portal, Mutual Fund Advertising Review Workflow System and more. Their latest app is called 15-C and lawyers and trustees involved in mutual fund contract renewal will find it particularly useful as it is a research tools in these domains. Their development of Fund Fixer is important because changing funds is a challenging task that involves correct decision-making. Those complex financial statements and not at all intuitive language don’t help investors either. A powerful search engine with access to over 20,000 Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds is used by Fund Fixer in order to give you a correct answer.


In my opinion, financial apps should have a clear and easy to use interface. Fund Fixer doesn’t disappoint in this regard! Fund Fixer provides a language that the average investor can easily understand. The interface is intuitive and though it has a mild learning curve, you shouldn’t need a long time until you get the full benefits of it. The placement of the buttons and controls is good and as a result, the navigation is a breeze. All the information is displayed in an easy to understand format and many features such as fund lookup by name or ticker symbol are easy to use. What is more, the charts that show the long term impact of fund decisions are easy to understand. Overall, the interface is one of the app’s main strengths.

A quick look at the main features of Fund Fixer

  • Better alternatives to an expensive, under-performing fund can be found
  • Easy to use fund lookup by name or ticker symbol
  • Instant access to a list of up to 10 low cost alternatives auto-sorted for best match
  • Straight from the latest filings with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), access to Fee data for all Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds is provided
  • Time value of Fund fees
  • Starting investment ($), time horizon (# years) and annual rate of return can be configured

Pros of Fund Fixer

The range of features available provided by Fund Fixer is excellent and it definitely won me over. Simple and convenient information to compare Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds is provided by Fund Fixer. You can do so much in terms of investments decisions and funds with its myriad features. Besides helping your friends with an informed decision, you can also help an advisor. When you put them on the spot, advisors will get instant access to alternative investments and fee data. As stated above, Fund Fixer is a powerful yet easy to use app with a great interface. The data tables showing the time value of Fund fees is simple and you will not have any problems in understanding it. Another useful feature of Fund Fixer is the fact that you can personalize the data to each individual investor’s needs because the starting investment, time horizon as well as the annual rate of return can be set up.


The sources of Fund Fixer are reliable but the accuracy of its calculations cannot be 100% guaranteed, that is why you should keep in mind that before making an investment decision, you should check a fund’s prospectus.

In a nutshell

All in all, Fund Fixer is an excellent financial app that will surely be of great help to any investor. A clean and easy to use interface coupled with great functionality make this a sure fire winner!

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