Overview of Debt Payoff Pro versus Money Manager Pro

The multiple loan choices provided by creditors nowadays has left many consumers confused. Improper budget and debt management can have severe consequences, as once the credit score drops it becomes increasingly harder to obtain a loan. However, when it comes to debt management, two software utilities come to mind: Debt Payoff Pro and Money Manager Pro. These two iPhone applications are designed with one purpose in mind: helping people everywhere manage their budget in the most efficient manner. So, let us find out which software utility is the best for your situation.


Money Manager Pro has been developed by a relatively new company, Realbytes. The applications created by them are usually in the lifestyle department, so Money Manager Pro does not stray too far from rule. Debt Payoff Pro is an application developed by SVT Software, a company with a bit more weight in the financial department. This company has created several other software utilities with financial applications such as Accounts, Ace Budget, Loan Calculator, Sales and Commission or VersaList. Therefore, as far as the popularity of the developer is concerned, Debt Payoff Pro is the winner.

Head2Head: A comparison of app features between Debt Payoff Pro and Money Manager Pro

From the start, you will notice that Money Manager Pro is an application with a much wider array of financial tools than Debt Payoff Pro. Money Manager Pro can be used to manage bills, provide statistics regarding your financial decisions, handle the credit or debit card transactions and many more. Therefore, this application can be considered a great deal more versatile than its competitor. On the other hand, Debt Payoff Pro is an application with a much higher level of specialization when it comes to handling loans. The principle used by Debt Payoff Pro to help users manage their debt more proficiently is the so called “Snowball” technique. What this means is that this utility will calculate the minimum amount of money you can spend for each monthly rate until the point where one of the loans is completely acquitted and then add that sum to the payments you make to another loan. Rinse and repeat until all the loans are paid up.

Debt Payoff Pro has several calculators for each particular type of loan, and many payoff strategies such as prioritizing the loan with the highest monthly rate, the loan with the highest interest and even allows you to enter your custom payment strategy. Some particularly useful features of this application include debt repayment progress bars, amortization calculators and graphical representation of how well your current repayment strategy is progressing. As you can see, this financial tool does not have a large number of applications, but it is extremely proficient at what it is doing.

The security measures of both Money Manager Pro and Debt Payoff Pro are equally potent and there have not been any reports of stolen financial details as of yet. As far as functionality is concerned, the large keypad makes Debt Payoff Pro easier to use. Moreover, the interface of the said iPhone app is easier to get accustomed to and the important features extremely well arranged. The Money Manager Pro, on the other hand, seems overloaded and is not easy on the eyes.


Customers seem to prefer Debt Payoff Pro over Money Manager Pro, but only by a small margin. Both applications have received four out of a possible five stars on iTunes, but more people have downloaded and rated Debt Payoff Pro.


The price of Money Manager Pro is $1.99 while for Debt Payoff Pro customers have to take $ 0.99 out from their pocket. However, this is understandable, considering the higher number of functions that Money Manager Pro can perform. Another aspect worth mentioning at this point is that iTunes clients can download the Lite version of Debt Payoff Pro for free, in order to get the basic idea of how well the application performs.

In a nutshell

While it is always nice to have a multi-functional application, the truth is that the best results can only be attained by specialized financial utilities. Software that struggles to provide a wide array of feature often lacks the depth for each feature in particular. Therefore, if you are looking for a loan manager, then Debt Payoff Pro is the better tool that you need.

Head2Head winner: Debt Payoff Pro

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