Overview of Pandora

The Pandora internet radio application for Blackberry is a revolutionary concept created by an association of musicians and technologists with a passion for music, as part of the Music Genome project. The idea behind this radio is that it will allow you to create your very own music station based on the certain features of the songs you like. Pandora takes into account a great number of factors such as the instrumental rhythm, harmony and arrangements as well as the vocal attributes and lyrics of the song. This project was started back in 2000 and it has evolved a great deal since then. However, Pandora is currently restricted to the United States due to copyright infringement laws. The application is free to use as the expenses are supported though publicity, but you have the option of upgrading your account and removing all advertisement from your station. You will require a data transfer connection before you can enjoy the stations you have created on Pandora, so make sure that your current data transfer plan is of at least 2GB per month.


The Music Genome Project was founded by Tim Westergren and Will Glaser. They started their collaboration with Jon Kraft from in 2000, when the Pandora project was born as an attempt to organize musical genres based on mathematical calculations. The sub-genres of each type of music; be it rock, pop, jazz or classical is determined by a list of traits they call genes. For instance, the rock music genre contains approximately 150 sub-genres while classical music has somewhere between 300 and 500 sub-genres. The precision of these calculations will determine whether a certain song fits in the preference profile of the user or not. The goal of the Music Genome Project is to provide you music recommendations based on the songs you like with pinpoint precision.


Pandora is only available for Blackberries with a 4.x operating system, thus you need to ensure the compatibility before installing it. It is recommended that you upgrade your OS to at least 4.3 in order to ensure the best performance. After you have installed the Pandora application, you will be asked to enter the name of a band and a song you like the most. It is advisable to take a moment to decide on your favorite band and song, as this will determine your new Pandora radio station. Once you have entered the requested data, you will be redirected to an appropriate station, where you should usually hear a song from the band you specified earlier. At this point you will be able to rate the song you hear positively or negatively, in order to help Pandora get a clue about your personal taste. If you give a song negative rating, then it will be removed from the playlist. At the same time, Pandora will explain to you the reasons for playing a certain song. In order to add a song you have removed from the playlist, you will need to go online and do this task from their website. The number of radio stations you can create is limitless.

A quick look at the main features of Pandora

  • Analyzes songs and bands based on over 400 factors
  • Enables you to listen to your music regardless of your location
  • Allows you to create your very own radio stations
  • Makes pertinent music recommendations based on your profiled preferences;
  • Is free since it is supported by advertisement
  • Has a wide database to choose from for all musical genres
  • Can eliminate a song from the playlist for a specified amount of time when you get bored with it

Pros of Pandora

Pandora is the ultimate radio tool that allows you to listen only to the kind of music you like, instead of constantly changing radio stations. Since you can create as many radio stations as you like with Pandora, you can make each one to suit a different mood or situation. For instance, you can listen to fast-rhythm and motivating music while you are working out at the gym and soothing, relaxing music before you go to sleep. Moreover, if a song you like seems to come up a lot, you can simply choose to remove it for a certain amount of time, so you will not grow bored with it. At the same time, the rating functions allow you to configure Pandora just the way you want.


Due to legal issues, you will not be able to use Pandora radio outside of America for now. However, the creators are struggling to find a way to promote their application world-wide. At the same time, while Pandora is free, your data transfer will still be charged to your phone bill so monitor your data transfer plan carefully.

In a nutshell

If you are looking for an application that can help you customize your Blackberry radio just the way you want, then you need to look no further than Pandora. All the features of this product ensure that your radio station design process becomes a breeze!

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