Overview of HandyPaint

If you are passionate about drawing and you do not have the time to pursue your hobby, then you will love HandyPaint. This application is one of the most powerful and complex tools that allow you to create your own pictures or edit the ones you already have stored on your Symbian. Unlike similar application, the HandyPaint tool provides all the features of professional drawing software. Regardless of your level of drawing skills, you will enjoy having this fun and application to keep you busy during a long trip or you are when you are simply trying to kill a few hours.


The developer of the HandyPaint tool is MobiVio Solutions, a well-established mobile application designer from China. Ever since 2008 MobiVio Solutions has focused on developing software for Symbian, iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile in C and C++ platforms. Nowadays, they have an innovative cross-platform technology that enables them to create applications for almost any mobile platform you can find.


The interface of the HandyPaint application consists of a left to right scrolling toolbar and a main menu that consists of 18 buttons. The menu of this application provides all the features an amateur or a more experienced painter needs. If you tap or hold down any of the 18 buttons from the main menu, you will have access to a wide array of features that allow you to personalize the drawing. For example, if you tap the crayon button you will be able to choose the between 8 thickness levels of the lines you want to draw.

Basically, you have access to 30+ drawing tools from the easily accessible main menu. The interface is easy to handle and you will not have any problems navigating through its features, if you are familiar with the icons used for similar PC applications.

A quick look at the main features of HandyPaint

  • Advanced drawing tools
  • Tool bar customization
  • Anti-aliasing
  • Zoom into the picture
  • Pan in the picture
  • Multiple image formats support
  • Color Customization and a wide palette of tones and shades to choose from
  • Multiple text styles
  • Allows screenshot and camera images editing
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo options
  • Support for over 30 drawing tools
  • Auto-arrange UI elements
  • Save and send to other mobile phones support
  • Check for updates

Pros of HandyPaint

The possibility to zoom and choose the size of the canvas allows users that are passionate about drawing and painting to create a desktop size masterpiece. Therefore, if you have the patience for it, you can be absolutely sure that you have all the tools that you need to pursue your hobby. The manufacturer is constantly checking the application for errors and hence, you will be able to update and install all the new patches and fixes as soon as they are released. The HandyPaint application is easy to use, intuitive, thus making it an overall nice addition to your Symbian gadget. Thanks to the “pipette” feature, you can be sure that you can edit any image using the natural color of the object or landscape of the picture you are working on.


Besides the 15 dollars cost, the HandyPaint application does not have any noticeable disadvantage. On the other hand, if you think of the number of drawing tools that it includes and the possibilities you have in drawing and editing, the price can be justified. However, you should keep in mind that you will be painting on a canvas the size of your Symbian’s screen. Therefore, you should not expect the pictures that you create to be as good looking as if you were to make them with professional pencils and brushes. Perhaps another disadvantage is that it can take up about 10 Mb of RAM and the RAM usage increases when operating the application.

In a nutshell

Considering the limitless possibilities and professional tools that you have access to, the 15 dollars that you pay for the HandyPaint application are totally worth it. This application addresses both professionals and amateurs, as it includes all the basic drawing and editing feature needed. HandyPaint is one of the best drawing mobile tools you will find on the market. If you have a little bit of talent, you will be able to create pictures with accurate and smooth lines the size of a normal desktop. In conclusion, if you like to pass the time drawing and retouching pictures and photos, then you should definitely give the HandyPaint application a shot.

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