Overview of Currency Converter versus eCurrency

Both the Currency Converter and the eCurrency iPhone applications are reliable software applications that you will love to have on your mobile, especially if you travel a lot. The main role of these utilities is to provide you trusty exchange information, as they give up-to-date values of the currencies of almost all the countries in the world. In addition to travelling, the applications come in handy when you are shopping online from overseas stores, since you can easily estimate the price of an item by simply exchanging its value into your country’s official currency, dollars or Euros.


The developer of eCurrency is Hendrik Holtman, a German software designer with over twelve years of experience in designing applications for iPhones and Mac platform. On the other hand, the Currency Convertor application is created by the well-known and appreciated developer, Paolo Grifantini.

Head2Head: A comparison of app features between Currency Converter and eCurrency

While the eCurrency application has support for over 190 popular currencies, the Currency Converter offers updated information about 220 currencies. The advantage of the Currency Converter is that it can provide data on the popular currencies as well as unofficial, virtual exchange rates and commodities rates for gold, platinum, silver or palladium. This is why the Currency Converter requires 8.1 MB from your iPhone’s storage memory, while the eCurrency only needs 5.3 MB.

The interfaces of the products are intuitive and easy to use. For the Currency Converter, users will have to click on the “Edit” button in order to enter a value, add a new currency or change the currency. Performing these tasks on the eCurrency application is even simpler, since in order to change the currency you need to tap on the current country’s flag, while entering a value implies typing in the amount you want to convert.

The advantage of the eCurrency application compared to Currency Converter is that is does not require an active internet connection when updating the rates of the currencies. On the other hand, the rates on the Currency Converter will update automatically from the web. However, the Currency Converter also offers the users the possibility of manually updating the rates by taping on lower left button, even though you can do this only once per hour. It is important to note the eCurrency allows users to disable the automatic updates and therefore, you can save up quite a bit on the roaming costs.

What you will appreciate about the Currency Converter is the that it provides a more comprehensive options lists that you will have access to by taping on the “I” button on the bottom right. In addition, it allows customization and it has quite a few skins available. The eCurrency on the other hand, offer a tutorial on how to set up the application during the first startup.

In case you are wondering about the accuracy of these products, then you should know that the information regarding the rates does not come from a single source. The eCurrency and Currency Converter gather data via an engine that aggregates multiple sources and gives the best estimation based on both official and unofficial sources.


Both currency converter applications have a high rating on the iTunes official website, implying that customers that have used them were satisfied with the products. While the last versions of both the applications received 4.5 out of 5 stars, not all versions of the product were that great. However they can still be considered decent, as users gave them 3.5 out of 5 stars.


The Currency Converter and the eCurrency iPhone applications can be bought with only $0.99 on the iTunes website.

In a nutshell

While the Currency Converter provides customization options and a lot more information, the truth is that unless you are a businessman, you do not really need those extra virtual commodities or unofficial exchange rates. In addition, always pressing the “Edit” button to get into the menus to exchange the currency or enter a value can be a little bothersome for some people. Overall, the Currency Converter looks like a nice and complex application. However, those extra 3 MB that occupy the storage space of your iPhone are not really worth it. On the other hand, the eCurrency looks like a much easier and convenient application for this purpose.

Head2Head winner: eCurrency

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