Overview of Buzzd

Do you like to keep in touch with all your friends while going out? Do you like to be in coolest places in your town and participate to all the important events? Are you out of town and looking for a place to have some fun? Then it is time to learn more about the BlackBerry application that will ensure you will never lose an important party or event ever again, Buzzd. This application will provide real-time data from social network sites and offers you the possibility to rate and hence, you will always be in the loop with the hot topics and events near you. Buzzd is the perfect solution to find out everything about clubs, restaurants, bars, events, parties and anything else you want to know, so you will never be stuck or do not have plans for the weekends or the nights that want to paint the town red.


This BlackBerry application was developed by Deepen Shah and Nihal Mehta. Even though their company, ipsh!, was purchased by the Omnicrom Group a couple of years ago, the developers continue to provide software and content to AT&T, Verizon, Virgin Mobile, Helio and many others.


Buzzd has a user-friendly interface, it is intuitive and it has easy to use options. Although it has been released for quite some time, the application has been configured to be a fully dedicated tool you can use to find out more about all events going on in your current location only recently. After you install this free application, it will immediately start scanning your location and the main menu will pop up. The main menu will give you the three options: See Events, BUZZ Now and Go places. This way, you can plan your nights out in advance. Moreover, in case you are in a new town, the application will give you turn-by-turn directions and thus, you can be sure that you will get to the right place.

A quick look at the main features of Buzzd

  • Manual or automatic search options that allows you find the nearest places of interest
  • Feeds feature, which allows you to access to the most recent events and related comments
  • Buzzmeter – a feature that helps you determine which is the hottest topic everyone is talking about
  • Check out what your friends are doing with real-time data

Pros of Buzzd

If you like to party and have a busy nightlife, then this application is essential for your BlackBerry. What is truly amazing about the Buzzd application is that you will not only get information about the place and hour of concerts or festivals, but you will also learn more about parties and events that take place in bars or restaurants that you never even heard of. This is why Buzzd is extremely useful when you are travelling to a new country or town.

Moreover, besides the fact that it informs you about the events that are happening around your area, it will also give you information about the quality of an event. Therefore, you will know beforehand if a restaurant is too crowded, thus you will not have to travel across town just to find out you do not have a free table for example. At the same time, it offers you access to a database that contains impressions and reviews of people that have visited that place. And the best part is that you can get all this free of charge!


The downfall of this amazing application is that it provides information for and it is reliable only in the U.S., U.K. and Canada. Therefore, if you were to take a trip through the other regions of the world, you application may not work or provide inconsistent data.

In a nutshell

So far, Buzzd has proved to be a reliable application that keeps you connected with the hottest events that are most likely to be fun and entertaining. Whether you are looking for a restaurant to have some spicy Indian food or a club where you can hit the tiles after a long night of partying, Buzzd is the application that will enable you to find the coolest place for your needs. All in all, Buzzd thrives off the community that keeps it alive by posting events, commenting and giving reviews to the places where they enjoyed a nice meal or met new and interesting people. Therefore, if you want to have a busy schedule for the weekends, trips and days off, join the Buzzd family and see it for yourself!

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