Overview of Bubble Defense 2

Some say that games are useless and you’d better off doing something else in your spare time. People who think games are just a waste of time surely haven’t seen Bubble Defense 2! There are lots of games that you can buy and play on the BlackBerry platform but there are not many games as entertaining as Bubble Defense 2. Bubble Defense 2 is a tower defense game that will provide you countless of hours of entertainment by constantly engaging the enemy! It is a pretty challenging game and it will require the best of your efforts and abilities. Packed with features and many maps, Bubble Defense 2 is the game you don’t want to miss! Let’s have a closer look and analyze Bubble Defense 2 in this review.


Bubble Defense 2 is a tower defense game developed by Second Gear Games, a company that creates games for many platforms such as the BlackBerry, Android and the iPhone. The tower defense genre is a popular one and with their addictive game play, they have certainly made their solid contribution to this beloved genre. There is something very exciting about creating a lot of towers and then watching them as they destroy hundreds of creeps, isn’t it? New types of towers and enemies were designed by Second Gear Games for Bubble Defense 2 in order to appeal to both novice as well as veteran gamers. Other games developed by Second Gear Games include: Tropical Fish Shop, an incredibly addictive game, Word Collapse, Dragon Fire, Bubble Army, Archipelago and more. A much appreciated developer in the game industry, Second Gear Games which has a sound reputation in the industry makes exciting and interesting games possible. Let’s hope we see even more interesting releases from them in the near future.


Bubble Defense 2 boasts a simple and clean interface coupled with beautiful 2D graphics. In spite of this, don’t be fooled! Your senses, speed and reaction time will be grabbed along with your relationship status by this game. The way you position your towers and use the weapons and abilities at your disposal is easy due to the snappy and responsive controls. Overall, Bubble Defense 2 will capture your imagination with its simplicity. Keep in mind that it’s an easy to play yet hard to master game!

A quick look at the main features of Bubble Defense 2

  • 13 maps
  • All towers require energy to shoot
  • 7 tower types
  • Install and upgrade power towers to keep your defense working
  • Destroy hordes of evil bubbles with the flying towers
  • Entertaining and addictive

Pros of Bubble Defense 2

Bubble Defense 2 is a tower defense game that will keep you engaged for hours. You should engage your significant other in this madness too unless you want to soon find yourself in the proverbial “doghouse”, surrounded by a hard pillow and a cold meal. Having said that, don’t worry too much because you will still have Bubble Defense 2. And trust me; it is a very good game. I have played it for hours and simply can’t put the game down! The goal here is to build towers in order to protect yourself from the countless waves of merciless enemies. There are seven different tower types that will surely keep you invested for hours in coming up with different strategies and 13 maps! In addition, the power towers can be upgraded for a better overall defense. The flying towers are particularly fun and effective though. At least, I pretty much loved them myself. Bubble Defense 2 provides you with several difficulty levels to choose from. It becomes challenging as you must figure out what is the best position of your towers as well as using the best of your abilities and weapons. Make sure to try the “Insane” level! Just for fun! On the whole, Bubble Defense 2 is a very accomplished game that proves that strategic game play is more fun than senseless shooting games.


The game has a slightly annoying problem that comes up once in a while. The fact that it sometimes freezes up and forces you back a few levels is disappointing. In spite of this minor annoyance that only some users are experiencing, Bubble Defense 2 is a game that you shouldn’t miss!

In a nutshell

All in all, Bubble Defense 2 is a worthy game to check out if you fancy putting your wits to good use. It packs quite a few maps, features and some difficulty levels that will certainly leave your head scratching. Moreover, the game is completely ad-free so you have no excuse not to give it a go. You will be glad that you did!

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