Overview of Card Master versus Blackjack World Pro

Have you ever want to play your favorite casino games on your iPhone? Well, with the two iPhone games that will go head to head in our clash (Card Master and BlackJack World Pro), you can certainly enjoy the passion and pleasure of playing cards and Blackjack. Each one has really great features and games modes but there can be only one. Which one do you think it will emerge victorious? Let’s see which one bring the most fun from the casino on your iPhone. Let’s kick it off!


The developer of Card Master is called Odasoft. Specialized in the development of high quality products for the mobile market, Odasoft is comprised of an experienced team with specialists that have more than 10 years of experience in gaming, GUI design, math models, AI and Audio design. They have developed many games in the past years. Honorable mentions of other software developed by Odasoft for the iPhone and iPad include: Catcha Mouse, Worldy Wings, Padzzle, Miniatlas and Snaptox. On the other hand, BlackJack World Pro was developed by Candywriter and released on released on February 3, 2011. Based in Miami Beach, Candywriter is creating products for many platforms such as the iPad Mac and iPhone/iPod touch. WSolitaire HD, Slots HD, Ruby Red are other software products developed by this exciting developer.

Head2Head: A comparison of app features between Card Master and Blackjack World Pro

In terms of the interface, Card Master does a great job at simulating real life as we can all agree upon the fact that with these types if games, virtual reality simulation is essential. The game boasts textures, forms and light values are reproduced with obsession. Everything feels right: from the buttons to the wood and table. The placement of the controls and buttons is great as it allows for an easy navigation. The menu is intuitive and you will only have to worry about your skills and doing your best to improve them. This is also the case for BlackJack World Pro as it sports beautiful visuals and it is completely realistic. The multitouch capabilities of the iPhone are perfectly utilized by both games.

Three amazing card games are offered by Card Master: Texas Hold’em, Poker Classic and BlackJack and you should be happy to find out that a unique card playing experience is provided to each card player. As for the artificial intelligence, it analyzes the behavior of the human component and makes, for the majority of time, pretty bad decisions. But who wants to play against the computer? This is where multiplayer shines as Card Master allows you to play with up to five of your friends.

On the other hand, Blackjack World Pro offers six casinos (Monte Carlo, Reno, Macao, Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas Downtown and Atlantic City), each with a different a style of BlackJack. The ability to make your own custom casino with your own rules and design is excellent and interesting. In addition, if you don’t know how to play Blackjack, the game is a very good teaching tool.

Other features of Card Master include dual deck looks and dual betting systems as the Chips or Slider betting interface can be chosen at any time. Talking about stability, both games performed flawlessly on the iPhone.


Card Master is rated 3+ while Blackjack World Pro is rated 4+ on the iTunes app store. If we take a quick glance at the users’ reviews and feedback, we can clearly see that the majority of them prefer Blackjack World Pro.


At the moment, Card Master is priced at $0.99 on the App Store while Blackjack World Pro can be acquired at the price of $2.99.

In a nutshell

All in all, it is pretty clear who is the winner of our showdown. Even though Card Master implements three different card games, the A.I is very weak. On the other hand, Blackjack World Pro works as both a teaching tool as well as an excellent game where you can have a lot of fun. In addition, its A.I is miles better that the one present in Card Master. It seems that the extra money for buying Blackjack World Pro is really worth it!

Head2Head winner: Blackjack World Pro

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