Overview of Sensible Sudoku 2

It is smart, compelling, looks simply gorgeous and makes all the shared moments a real pleasure. It is not the description of the perfect girlfriend though as some of you might have thought. I’m talking about Sensible Sudoku 2, the number arranging masterpiece from Ludimate developer. Everything that makes playing Sudoku on a mobile a truly enjoyable experience such as hints, pencil marks, undo and auto-save is included by Sensible Sudoku 2. It is a very entertaining game that will certainly keep you focused. Millions of puzzles that can be played in multiple difficulty levels are provided by Sensible Sudoku 2. Fun, fun, fun! Let’s analyze the features of the Sensible Sudoku 2 game for the Symbian-powered smartphones in this quick article.


There are many different versions of Sudoku but Sensible Sudoku 2 is the best of all of them and it was created by a developer called Ludimate. Their developed games catalogue includes fun and interesting games that boast an unbelievable attention to detail. As a result, they managed to include these characteristics into Sensible Sudoku 2 and gave it an engaging game play that will surely appeal to the masses. Other honorable mentions of software developed by Ludimate include the following games: Tilelander, an interesting combination of puzzle and action, and Geominder. Location-based reminders that stay attached to physical locations can be created with the latter. On their official website, you can find the high scores for these games, including Sensible Sudoku 2, and you can see how you rank up with other players from all over the world. You can add your own high score and compete with other peers. If Sensible Sudoku 2 is anything to stand by, we should see more exciting games from Ludimate in the near future.


Sudoku doesn’t need a fancy interface with 3D effects and all that crazy stuff. Sometimes simpler is better and the developer of Sudoku 2 kept it simple with their version of this popular game. The menu is simple and straightforward without any unnecessary complications that may distract you from the core mechanics and central idea of the game. A prettier game with nothing but numbers in it is something you have never seen! The carefully picked color schemes, flowing elements and elegantly sophisticated sound effects make Sensible Sudoku 2 a really enjoyable experience. Who thought a brain teasing puzzler could ooze serenity and peace? Sensible Sudoku 2 certainly does so!

A quick look at Sensible Sudoku 2′s main features

  • Millions of Sudoku’s – you only need your logic!
  • Five difficulty settings
  • 14 Sudoku board skins with several visual styles
  • Comprehensive Sudoku statistics
  • Includes simple and full hints
  • Optimized for one-hand use
  • Elegant audio effects

Pros of Sensible Sudoku 2

The origin of Sudoku dates back from the 9th century with several different versions being played in Europe, China and the Arabic territories. The game we played today became very popular in Japan and Sudoku is actually a Japanese word. The concept of Sudoku is simple: a 9×9 square must be filled in with numbers from 1 to 9 but there’s a catch. You must only use once every number in every column, row, and 3×3 box of the whole field. Some of the numbers of the final layout are given to you in order to get you started and it should be only one solution in a correctly created puzzle. Randomly created (correct) puzzles in one of the 5 possible difficulty levels are provided to you by Sensible Sudoku 2. You can also keep a record of solving time for every finished board by entering a unique number for your puzzle. The last few codes, amongst other details, like your average times, best times and all time spent playing this game will be shown to you by the game’s statistics. When dealing with the more challenging boards, you can always use the helpful hint system. Incorrect pen or pencil numbers can be allowed as well of you wish to and you can even ask the correct solution for a certain cell. A great feature implemented in Sensible Sudoku 2 is the auto load/save of unfinished puzzles when starting or closing the game. For mobile phones, this is a vital and extremely useful feature.


The demo of the game stops at the wrong time. Besides this, I must say that Sensible Sudoku 2 works rather seamlessly without any major glitches.

In a nutshell

All in all, Sensible Sudoku 2 is an excellent that every Sudoku fan should check it out. The endless number of puzzles and flawless design might just make it the best version of Sudoku on the market.

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