Overview of Robotek

If gaming is what you are after, then Robotek may be just the thing for you. An intense game about robots taking over the world, you will have access to a variety of weapons and tactics to win the war. With mildly escalating degrees of difficulty, this game allows you to summon bots to assist you in defense and offense, and to penetrate the enemy’s defenses as well as destroy his bots using a host of different options including reinforcements, espionage and assault tactics. Structured using AI, this game allows for a good level of interaction once you have mastered all the different controls. As with all games, it is about scoring the maximum points and launching a full-scale attack using all the weapons in your arsenal.


Hexage is a small studio focused on the provision of games for smartphones including the iPhone and android phones. Founded by David Peroutka, the focus is on the creation of games that are visually good and comfortable to play with. Also responsible for the creation of five other games including Evac, Radiant and Buka, the emphasis is on gaming only. All games created are driven by the need to entertain and to provide mobile platforms for gamers to hone their skills.


For first timers, it may be useful to refer to the tutorial to understand how the game is played. The layout provides for a health bar and a list of special moves that the bots can do. Users will make their moves by spinning for every turn and then it is a choice between the three categories of reinforcements, espionage and assault tactics. It will be necessary to become familiar with the different bots including the Drone, Tankbot and Droid, all of which come individually with normal, advanced and elite versions. There are a variety of icon interfaces that you will need to become familiar with but once this is done, it will be easy to play the game automatically. It is possible to play the game without recharging and if you are serious about scoring on this game, a tip is to not challenge the tougher nodes. It is always advisable to destroy the weaker nodes first and this will allow you to move up in the rankings. Once you reach the higher levels, take on the weaker nodes of that level and you will find yourself progressing upwards easily.

A quick look at the main features of Robotek

  • Provides players with a mixture of action, strategy and RPG
  • There are over 200 levels available to play at with rewards available as well
  • Each aspect of the game whether it is the bots or the strategies come with different abilities and features
  • It is possible to view online scores in the Hall of Fame Online
  • Allows for competition with friends based on Standings in FaceBook
  • Options of in-app purchases including power and coins; recharge nodes; and even duel mode that allows you to play with others.

Pros of Robotek

The soundtrack is amazing and works to spur you on as you defend the world and attack the enemy. Visually solid, this game provides a variety of strategies that you can use and playing it is not technically difficult. There are upgrade versions that provide more strategies but for those content with a few minutes or hours of distraction at a café or while waiting for a meeting; this game is ideal for entertainment and strategy building.


For individuals used to intense strategy and unlimited weaponry, the basic version of Robotek may be a little disappointing as there is limited opportunity for the growth of gaming skills. The variety of bot skills available is limited with only three action variations per set. In addition, there is limited control over the targets that are chosen as the AI structure of the program will specify what needs to be done. It is also only about you and your phone and it is not possible to join a community of Robotek players and pit your skills against others of the same ilk in the basic model.

In a nutshell

The free version is a great introduction to gaming for the uninitiated. It allows for exposure to strategic gaming but in a simplistic form even though the visuals are pretty good and the sound track gets you pumping. Downloading the game is easy but for serious gamers intent on thrill, skill and action; this game may be a little slow although all in all, it is a great place to start your foray into the world of Android (bot) action.

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